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U.S. Presidential Election, 2016
Turnout Increase 61.2%
Bernie Sanders2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton2 Johnkasich
Nominee Bernard Sanders Hillary Clinton John Kaisch
Party Progressive Democratic Moderate Republican
Home state Vermont New York Ohio
Running mate Jeff Merkley Tim Kaine George Pataki
Electoral vote 274 104 65
States carried 24+DC+NE-02+NE-03 7 6
Popular vote 52,102,322 43,325,727 20,659,350
Percentage 37.4 31.2 14.8
Donald Trump Garyjohnsonphoto - modified Jill Stein
Nominee Donald Trump Gary Johnson Jill Stein
Party Republican Libertarian Green
Home state New York New Mexico Massachusetts
Running mate Mike Pence William Weld Ajamu Baraka
Electoral vote 62 32 1
States carried 7 6 ME-02
Popular vote 12,283,938 6,839,920 3,070,984
Percentage 8.8 5.1 2.4



The 2016 primaries were dominated by Hillary Clinton, while Bernie did get a large number of delegates.

Hillary Clinton-Nominee (2,766)

Bernie Sanders- Withdrew on 7/26/2016 (1,892)

Martin O' Malley- Withdrew on 2/1/2016 (1 superdelegate)

Lawrence Lessig- Withdrew on 11/2/2015

Lincoln Chafee- Withdrew on 10/23/2015

Jim Webb- Withdrew on 10/20/2015




The Progressive Party chose its candidate in a different way than the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Greens. Due to being founded three and a half months before the election, they decided to do a nationwide primary on August 15th with 1,500 delegates (all pledged) and then a convention from August 30th to September 2nd. All candidates could only withdraw during the convention.

Bernie Sanders-Nominee (986)

Lawrence Lessig-Withdrew on September 1st (148)

Keith Ellison-Withdrew on August 31st (147)

Jeff Merkley-(VP) Withdrew on August 31st (103)

Anthony Pollina- Withdrew on August 31st (51)

Ruben Gallego- Withdrew on August 30th (24)

Moderate Republican

The Moderate Republican party used the same system as the Progressive Party, except they had 900 delegates, and they had their nationwide primary on August 13th and their convention from September 3rd to September 7th.

John Kaisch-Nominee (468)

Paul Ryan- Withdrew on September 6th (301)

Jon Huntsman- Withdrew on September 5th (101)

Carly Fiorina- Withdrew on September 4th (21)

George Pataki-(VP) Withdrew on September 4th (11)