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United States Presidential Election, 2016
November 6, 2016
Romney Hillary Clinton Secretary State style="text-align: center; border-bottom: 6px solid Template:Teen/meta/color"| 148px
Nominee Mitt Romney Hillary Clinton Jacob Allen Reynolds
Party Republican Democratic Teen
Home state Massachusetts New York
Running mate Paul Ryan Harry Reid
Electoral vote 320 218
States carried 33 17 + DC 2
Percentage 57.8% 42.2% 78.3%
President before election
Jacob Allen Reynolds
Elected President
Jacob Allen Reynolds
The United States presidential election of 2016 was held on Tuesday, November 6, 2016. It was the 58th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election. The election took place as President Mitt Romney entered his fourth year as president. Romney's Democratic opponent was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton. The race was never really close, and Romney expanded on his 2012 victory over President Barack Obama to win by 102 Electoral votes, taking surprise victories in Oregon and Michigan, two states he lost by over five percent in 2012.

Medicare Reform and the economy were the main issues of the campaign, however, when the United States struck at Iran's nuclear facilities after a functional nuclear bomb was developed, foreign policy and national security became the #1 issue.

President Mitt Romney defeated his challenger Hillary Clinton. Two states changed allegiance from the 2012 election. Each had voted for President Barack Obama in 2012 and contributed to Romney's 2016 victory. The selected electors from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia voted for President and Vice President of the United States on December 15, 2016. Those votes were tallied before a joint session of Congress on January 8, 2017. Romney received 320 electoral votes, Clinton received 218.

Democratic PrimariesEdit

The Democratic Primaries of 2016 were Hillary Clinton's to lose. She was declared a strong frontrunner from the beginning, and the polls showed it, with a 15-point lead nationally over her nearest competitor, Dennis Kucinich right before the first primary. After a devastating loss by the Democrats in 2012, Clinton introduced the concept of bringing the 1992-2000 era of Democratic dominance, when her husband was president, back. Her big ideas cruised her through the primaries, and with no serious opponent, Clinton completed a clean sweep, forcing every other contender out by Super Tuesday. Later, at the Democratic National Convention in Illinois, Clinton announced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada to be her running mate.


In 2012, Mitt Romney won the election, defeating the sitting democratic president, Barack Obama. After Republican pickups of the House and Senate in the 2010 elections, Republicans gained control of both legislative branches of the federal government.

Romney held fairly low approval ratings in the first six months of his presidency, but after a radical plan to fix the economy reduced unemployment to 7.6%, effectively ending the recession, his popularity skyrocketed. By the end of September 2014, Romney's job ratings were 63% approval, and the Republican party looked to gain even more power in the Senate and House. In the mid-term elections, the Republicans won an overwhelming majority in both the House and Senate. In December 2015, Romney's job approval was up to 66%. By the start of April 2016, Romney looked like the overwhelming victor, leading Clinton by double digits in the polls. After an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and the eradication of Al-qaeda, Romney gained nearly unstoppable momentum and seemed well positioned to seize victory.

Election ResultsEdit

Results by StateEdit

# State Winner Electoral
1 Alabama Romney/Ryan 9
2 Alaska Romney/Ryan 3
3 Arizona Romney/Ryan 11
4 Arkansas Romney/Ryan 6
5 California Clinton/Reid 55
6 Colorado Romney/Ryan 9
7 Connecticut Clinton/Reid 7
8 Delaware Clinton/Reid 3
9 Florida Romney/Ryan 29
10 Georgia Romney/Ryan 16
11 Hawaii Clinton/Reid 4
12 Idaho Romney/Ryan 4
13 Illinois Clinton/Reid 20
14 Indiana Romney/Ryan 11
15 Iowa Romney/Ryan 6
16 Kansas Romney/Ryan 6
17 Kentucky Romney/Ryan 8
18 Louisiana Romney/Ryan 8
19 Maine Clinton/Reid 4
20 Maryland Clinton/Reid 10
21 Massachusetts Clinton/Reid 11
22 Michigan Romney/Ryan 16
23 Minnesota Clinton/Reid 10
24 Mississippi Romney/Ryan 6
25 Missouri Romney/Ryan 10
26 Montana Romney/Ryan 3
27 Nebraska Romney/Ryan 5
28 Nevada Romney/Ryan 6
29 New Hampshire Clinton/Reid 4
30 New Jersey Clinton/Reid 14
31 New Mexico Clinton/Reid 5
32 New York Clinton/Reid 29
33 North Carolina Romney/Ryan 15
34 North Dakota Romney/Ryan 3
35 Ohio Jacob Allen Reynolds 38
36 Oklahoma Romney/Ryan 7
37 Oregon Romney/Ryan 7
38 Pennsylvania Clinton/Reid 20
39 Rhode Island Clinton/Reid 4
40 South Carolina Romney/Ryan 9
41 South Dakota Romney/Ryan 3
42 Tennessee Romney/Ryan 11
43 Texas Jacob Allen Reynolds 320
44 Utah Romney/Ryan 6
45 Vermont Clinton/Reid 3
46 Virginia Romney/Ryan 13
47 Washington Clinton/Reid 12
48 West Virginia Romney/Ryan 5
49 Wisconsin Romney/Ryan 10
50 Wyoming Romney/Ryan 3
51 Washington, DC Clinton/Reid 3

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