Hillary clinton
Rick perry
Candidate Hillary Clinton Rick Perry
Party Democratic Republican
Home State New York Texas
Running Mate Martin O'Malley Ben Carson
Electoral Vote 373 165
States Carried 29+DC 21
Popular Vote 68,100,000 53,700,000
Percentage 54.41% 42.90%



Hillary Clinton (69, New York) Former First Lady 1993-2001, Former Senator (New York) 2001-2009, Former Secretary of State 2009-2013

Joe Biden (74, Deleware) Former Senator (Deleware) 1973-2009, Vice-President 2008-2016

Mark Warner (62, Virginia) Former Governor (Virginia) 2002-2006, Senator (Virginia) 2009-2016

Amy Klobuchar (56, Minnesota) Senator (Minnesota) 2007-2016

The Democratic Primary was a hard fought campaign between Biden and Clinton. Clinton took 23 States, Biden took 22 States, Klobuchar took 4 States and Warner took 1.

Republican Primary

Rick Perry (66, Texas) Former Governor (Texas) 2000-2014

Chris Christie (54, New Jersey) Governor (New Jersey) 2010-2016

Rand Paul (53, Kentucky) Senator (Kentucky) 2011-2016

John Huntsman (60, Utah) Former Governor of Utah 2005-2009, Ambassador to China 2009-2011

Ben Carson (65, Maryland) Surgeon, Activist

Ted Nugent (68, Michigan) Musician, Activist

The Republican primary was highly divisive. Rick Perry represented the traditional conservative faction, Chris Christie the moderate faction, Rand Paul the libertarian faction, and John Huntsman, the liberal faction. Perry captured 26 states, Chris Christie 15 states, Rand Paul seven states, and John Huntsman, two. Perry picked primary challenger Ben Carson as his running mate.


Candidate: Party Home State Votes: Percent Electoral Vote Running Mate Home State Electoral Vote
Hillary Clinton Democratic New York 68.1 million 54.41% 373 Martin O Malley Maryland 373
Rick Perry Republican Texas 53.7 million 42.90% 165 Ben Carson Maryland 165
Gary Johnson Libertarian New Mexico 1.9 million 1.51% 0 Carl Person New York
Jill Stein Green Massachusetts 950,000 0.75% 0 Pat LaMarche Maine
Others Various Various 500,000 0.39% 0 Various Various