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United States House of Representatives Elections, 2018
435 seats to the House of Representatives, 218 needed for a majority
November 6, 2018
First party Second party
Chairman cat Chairman cat
Leader Nancy Pelosi Steve Scalise
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since January 3, 2005 January 3, 2019
Leader's seat California's 12th Louisiana's 1st
Last election 194 241
Seats before 195 240
Seats won 226 209
Seat change Increase31 Decrease31

This election is far from complete.


District Incumbent Party First Elected Result Candidates
Alabama's 1st Bradley Byrne Republican 2013 (Special) Incumbent re-elected Bradley Byrne (i) (Republican) 68.35%
Robert Kennedy, Jr. (Democratic) 31.65
Alabama's 2nd Martha Roby Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Martha Roby (i) (Republican) 51.78%
Tabitha Isner (Democratic) 48.22%
Alabama's 3rd Mike Rogers Republican 2002 Incumbent re-elected Mike Rogers (i) (Republican) 66.89%
Mallory Hagan (Democratic) 33.11%
Alabama's 4th Robert Aderholt Republican 1996 Incumbent re-elected Robert Aderholt (i) (Republican) 71.31%
Rick Neighbors (Democratic) 28.69%
Alabama's 5th Mo Brooks Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Mo Brooks (i) (Republican) 63.88%
Peter Joffrion (Democratic) 36.12%
Alabama's 6th Gary Palmer Republican 2014 Incumbent re-elected Gary Palmer (i) (Republican) 71.81%
Danner Kline (Democratic) 28.19%
Alabama's 7th Terri Sewell Democratic 2010 Incumbent re-elected Terri Sewell (i) (Democratic) 100%
Alaska At Large Don Young Republican 1973 (Special) Incumbent re-elected Don Young (i) (Republican) 54.7%
Dimitri Shein (Democratic) 45.3%
Arizona's 1st Tom O'Halleran Democratic 2016 Incumbent re-elected Tom O'Halleran (i) (Democratic) 52.84%
Steve Manor Smith (Republican) 39.18%
Ray Parrish (Green) 7.98%
Arizona's 2nd Martha McSally Republican 2014 Incumbent retired to run for Senate
Democratic gain
Matt Heinz (Democratic) 59.21%
Lea Marquez-Peterson (Republican) 40.79%
Arizona's 3rd Raul Grijalva Democratic 2002 Incumbent re-elected Raul Grijalva (i) (Democratic) 59.12%
Edna San Miguel (Republican) 40.88%
Arizona's 4th Paul Gosar Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Paul Gosar (i) (Republican) 65.77%
Ana Maria Perez (Democratic) 27.97%
Haryaksha Gregor Knauer (Green) 6.26%
Arizona's 5th Andy Biggs Republican 2016 Incumbent re-elected Andy Biggs (i) (Republican) 61.14%
Joan Greene (Democratic) 38.86%
Arizona's 6th David Schweikert Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected David Schweikert (i) (Republican) 59.13%
Anita Malik (Democratic) 40.87%
Arizona's 7th Ruben Gallego Democratic 2014 Incumbent re-elected Ruben Gallego (i) (Democratic) 100%
Arizona's 8th Debbie Lesko Republican 2018 (Special) Incumbent defeated
Democratic gain
Brianna Westbrook (Democratic) 50.6%
Debbie Lesko (i) (Republican) 49.4%
Arizona's 9th Kyrsten Sinema Democratic 2012 Incumbent retired to run for US Senate</nowiki>
Democratic hold
Greg Stanton (Democratic) 64.42%
Steve Ferrara (Republican) 35.58%