United States Senate Election, 2016
United States Flag
2014 ← November 8, 2016 2018

All 435 seats in the House of Representatives
218 seats needed for a majority.
Leader Paul Ryan Nancy Pelosi
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's Seat Wisconsin's 1st (Wisconsin Southeast) California's 12th (San Fransisco)
Seats Before 247 188
Seats After 241 194
Net Gain Decrease6 Increase6

Popular vote

63,173,815 61,776,554
Percentage 49.1% 48%

The 2016 United States House of Representatives elections were held on November 8, 2016. Elections were held to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts across each of the 50 U.S. states. Non-voting delegates from the District of Columbia and the five inhabited U.S. territories will also be elected. The Republicans managed to retain their majority, despite losing 6 seats. In October 2015, Speaker of the House John Boehner resigned his position; the House elected Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his replacement. Nancy Pelosi continues to lead House Democrats as Minority Leader. The 2016 Presidential election, 2016 Senate elections, 2016 gubernatorial elections, and many state and local elections were also held on this date.


     Republican gain      Republican hold      Democratic gain      Democratic hold

Winning candidate in bold
District Incumbent Party First Elected Result Candidates
Alabama-01 Bradley Byrne Republican 2013 (Special) Incumbent re-elected Bradley Byrne (Republican)
Alabama-02 Martha Roby Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Martha Roby (Republican)
Nathan Mathis (Democratic)
Alabama-03 Mike Rogers Republican 2002 Incumbent re-elected Mike Rogers (Republican)
Jesse Smith (Democratic)
Alabama-04 Robert Aderholt Republican 1996 Incumbent re-elected Robert Aderholt (Republican)
Alabama-05 Mo Brooks Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Mo Brooks (Republican)
Will Boyd (Democratic)
Alabama-06 Gary Palmer Republican 2014 Incumbent re-elected Gary Palmer (Republican)
David Putnam (Democratic)
Alabama-07 Terri Sewell Democratic 2010 Incumbent re-elected Terri Sewell (Democratic)
Alaska-At Large Don Young Republican 1973 (Special) Incumbent re-elected Don Young (Republican)
Steve Lindbeck (Democratic)
Jim C. McDermott (Libertarian)
Arizona-01 Ann Kirkpatrick Democratic 2012 Incumbent retired, Democratic Hold Tom O. Halleran (Democratic)
Paul Babeu (Republican)
Kim Allen (Green)
Arizona-02 Martha McSally Republican 2014 Incumbent re-elected Martha McSally (Republican)
Matt Heinz (Democratic)
Arizona-03 Raúl Grijalva Democratic 2002 Incumbent re-elected Raúl Grijalva (Democratic)
Arizona-04 Paul Gosar Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Paul Gosar (Republican)
Mikel Weisser (Democratic)
Arizona-05 Matt Salmon Republican 2012 Incumbent retired, Republican Hold Andy Biggs (Republican)
Talia Fuentes (Democratic)
Arizona-06 David Schweikert Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected David Schweikart (Republican)
W. John Williamson (Democratic)
Arizona-07 Ruben Gallego Democratic 2014 Incumbent re-elected Ruben Gagello (Democratic)
Eve Nunez (Republican)
Arizona-08 Trent Franks Republican 2002 Incumbent re-elected Trent Franks (Republican)
Mark Salazar (Green)
Arizona-09 Kyrsten Sinema Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Krysten Sinema (Democratic)
Dave Giles (Republican)
Arkansas-01 Rick Crawford Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Rick Crawford (Republican)
Mark West (Libertarian)
Arkansas-02 French Hill Republican 2014 Incumbent re-elected French Hill (Republican)
Dianne Curry (Democratic)
Arkansas-03 Steve Womack Republican 2010 Incumbent re-elected Steve Womack (Republican)
Steve Isaacson (Libertarian)
Arkansas-04 Bruce Westerman Republican 2014 Incumbent re-elected Bruce Westerman (Republican)
Kerry Hicks (Libertarian)
California-01 Doug LaMalfa Republican 2012 Incumbent re-elected Doug LaMalfa (Republican)
Jim Reed (Democratic)
California-02 Jared Huffman Democratic 2012 Incumbent re-elected Jared Huffman (Democratic)
Dale Mensing (Republican)
California-03 John Garamendi Democratic 2008 Incumbent re-elected John Garamendi (Democratic)
Eugene Cleek (Republican)
California-04 Tom McClintock Republican 2008 Incumbent re-elected Tom McClintock (Republican)
Bob Derlet (Democratic)
California-05 Mike Thompson Democratic 1998 Incumbent re-elected Mike Thompson (Democratic)
Carlos Santamaria (Republican)