United States House of Representatives Election, 2018 (Multi-Party America)

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US House of Representatives Election, 2018
435, 218 seats needed
First party Second party Third party
Xbecerra K.ellison Pryan
Leader Xavier Beccera Keith Ellison Paul Ryan
Party Democratic Progressive Moderate Republican
Leader's seat California Minnesota Wisconsin
Last election 132 108 61
Seats won 141 114 82
Seat change +9 +6 +18
Popular vote 28,007,426 25,453,006 16,968,668
Percentage 30.7 27.9 18.6
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Jjordan Austin Petersen J.eder
Leader Jim Jordan Austin Petersen John Eder
Party Republican Libertarian Green
Leader's seat Ohio Missouri Maine
Last election 102 27 5
Seats won 58 32 8
Seat change -54 +5 +3
Popular vote 12,224,739 6,203,599 3,101,800
Percentage 13.4 6.8 3.4

Blue - House Majority (Democratic, Progressive, Green) Red - House Minority (Moderate, Republican, Libertarian)

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