The United States Homeland Protection Safety Camps were essentially concentration camps  in the United States. They were known for their brutal conditions and tight security. They were in operation from 2019-2061.


Red Dots= Labour Camps Black Dots= Extermination Camps

Living Conditions

Living conditions in the camps were known to be horrific, cells would be occupied by 5-8 people and they would be required to sleep on a barren concrete floor. No recreation was provided and occupants were required to work 19 hours a day and sleep for 5, eating a daily three part meal, bread for breakfeast, bread for lunch and cold ham and potatoes for dinner.

Disease was ramapant in the camps and in 2039 an outbreak of tuberculosis killed 1/3 of all occupants. HIV was also prominent among occupiers.


Every inch of each compound was filmed, audio bugged and patroled each day. Detainees were not allowed speak while working or during sleeping hours, leaving a mere 19 minutes getting up and 11 at the end of the day to speak to others.


Until 2030 the only people relocated to the camps were Political Opponents, Anti-Government Speakers, Conspiracy Theorists and anyone the Governemnt thought would publicly denounce the government or conspire against it.

In 2030 all that changed, for reasons unsure to historians and even surviving people that were close to Jon Freeman, millions of new people were suddenly on the internment list. New Camps were built and a new requirments list was approved, that oppted an extremely conservative route, Some new types of people were subjected to internment including...

  • Muslims
  • Survivalists
  • People with knowlege of Weaponry
  • Homosexuals
  • Hispanics
  • Known Socialists
  • Communist
  • Constitutionists
  • Rural Police officers
  • The entire Population of Newark (reasons still unknown)
  • Deaf People
  • Blind People
  • People with disabilities (Mental and Physical; including Autism)
  • Police Protesters that protested against the introduction of Police Robots.
  • All Former Police officers (as of 2037)

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