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US Gubernatorial Elections, 2018
3 Governorships
First party Second party Third party
Gina Raimondo AsaHutchinson Justin-Amash-Portrait
Leader Gina Raimondo Asa Hutchinson Justin Amash
Party Democratic Tea Party Libertarian
Leader's seat Rhode Island Arkansas Michigan
Last election 26 22 2
Seats won 25 23 2
Seat change -1 +1 N/A

The United States Gubernatorial Elections, 2019 on November 5, 2019 in 3 states. The last regular gubernatorial elections for all these 3 states took place in 2015. All of the states have term limits, however Kentucky and Louisiana first elected their governors in 2015, so their incumbents are eligible for re-election. Mississippi's governor, Phil Bryant, is term-limited because he was first elected in 2011. The Tea Party gained 1 seat from the Democrats in Louisiana, where incumbent governor John Bel Edwards was defeated in a runoff by former governor Bobby Jindal.


     Democratic gain      Democratic hold      Libertarian gain      Libertarian Hold      Tea Party gain      Tea Party hold

Winning candidate's percentage in bold

State Incumbent Party Result Candidates
Kentucky Matt Bevin Tea Party Incumbent re-elected Rand Paul (Libertarian)
Louisiana John Bel Edwards Democratic Incumbent lost re-election
Tea Party gain
Bobby Jindal (Tea Party)
Mississippi Phil Bryant Tea Party Incumbent term-limited
Tea Party hold
Tate Reeves (Tea Party)
Michael Watson (Libertarian)
Vicki Slater (Democratic)