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The United States Gubernatorial Elections were held on November 6, 2018. It gave the Democrats a gain of +5 in the Gubernatorial Races, and gave them a majority.

Party Seats Seat Change
Democratic 25 +5
Republican 24 -5
Independent 1 =
State Result Candidates
Alabama Incumbent ineligible for re-election, Republican Hold Luther Strange (R)

Christopher Countryman (D)

Alaska Incumbent re-elected, Independent Hold Bill Walker (I)*

Ray Metcalfe (D)

Daniel A. Sullivan (R)

Arizona Incumbent re-elected, Republican Hold Doug Ducey (R)*

Ann Kirkpatrick (D)

Arkansas Incumbent re-elected, Republican Hold Asa Hutchinson (R)*

Connor Eldrige (D)

California Incumbent retired, Democratic Hold Gavin Newsom (D)

Carly Fiorina (R)

Colorado Incumbent ineligible for re-election, Democratic Hold Michael Bennet (D)

Jillian Joyce (R)

Connecticut Incumbent re-elected, Democratic Hold Dan Malloy (D)*

Dan Carter (R)

Florida Incumbent ineligible for re-election, Republican Hold Marco Rubio (R)

Bob Buckhorn (D)

Georgia Incumbent ineligible for re-election, Republican Hold Casey Cagle (R)Jason Carter (D)
Hawaii Incumbent re-elected, Democratic Hold David Ige (D)*(and other minor candidates)
Idaho Incumbent ineligible for re-election, Republican Hold Mike Crapo (R)(and other minor candidates)
Illinois Incumbent defeated, Democratic Gain

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