CapitalPhiladelphia, PA
Demonym American
Currency United States Dollar (USD)
Calling code +1

The United States is a soverign nation in North America. It declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. It is one of the most powerful nations in the world and the fastest growing nation. It ranks third in population only behind China, and India.


The United States declared its independence from the United States on July 4, 1776.

Confederate Revolutionary War (2046-2050)Edit

On July 4, 2046, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Texas seceeds from the United States. The following year the remaining southern states seceeded and founded the Confederate States of America. This war was caused by the division between Northern and Southern Culture. Another cause was because of the division of Northern Liberals (specifically in California and New York) and Southern Conservatives.


bold indicates a former state

Name Capital Statehood Seceeded
Delaware Dover 1787 -
Pennsylvania Harrisburg 1787 -
New Jersey Trenton 1787 -
Georgia Atlanta 1788 2046
Connecticut Hartford 1788 -
Massachusetts Boston 1788 -
Maryland Baltimore 1788 -
South Carolina Columbia 1788 2047
New Hampshire Concord 1788 -
Virginia Richmond 1788 2047
New York Albany 1788 -
North Carolina Raleigh 1789 2047
Rhode Island Providence 1790 -
Vermont Montpelier 1791 -
Kentucky Lexington 1792 -
Tennessee Nashville 1796 2047
Ohio Columbus 1803 -
Louisiana Baton Rouge 1812 2046
Indiana Indianapolis 1816 -
Mississippi Jackson 1817 2046
Illinois Springfield 1818 -
Alabama Montgomery 1819 2046
Maine Augusta 1820 -
Missouri Jefferson City 1821 -
Arkansas Little Rock 1836 2047
Michigan Lansing 1837 -
Florida Tallahassee 1845 2046
Texas Austin 1845 2047
Iowa Des Moine 1846 -
Wisconsin Green Bay 1848 -
California Sacramento 1850 -
Minnesota St. Paul 1858 -
Oregon Salem 1859 -
Kansas Topeka 1861 -
West Virginia Wheeling 1863 -
Nevada Carson City 1864 -
Nebraska Lincoln 1867 -
Colorado Denver 1876 -
North Dakota Fargo 1889 -
South Dakota Bismarck 1889 -
Montana Helena 1889 -
Washington Tacoma 1889 -
Idaho Boise 1890 -
Wyoming Cheyenne 1890 -
Utah Salt Lake City 1896 -
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 1907 2047
New Mexico Santa Fe 1912 -
Arizona Tucson 1912 -
Alaska Juneau 1959 -
Hawaii Honolulu 1959 -
Puerto Rico San Juan 2022 -
Sequoyah Muskogee 2024 2047
Hazzard Macon 2028 2047
Jefferson Eureka 2030 -
Cook Chicago 2031 -
Lincoln El Paso 2035 2048
Texoma Amarillo 2037 2047
Virgin Islands St. Croix



Possible New StatesEdit

Despite the United states having 46 total states (was 58 from 2038-2046), there are other proposals to create new states both in the United States and Internationally.


In Quebec, there is a big debate for Quebecois to seceed from Canada and become the United States's 47th State. Parti 47 (revived from the former political party Parti 51) has become a major political party in Quebec and its causing widespread influences throughout Quebec. Parti 47 has mayors in 17 of the 20 biggest cities including Montreal, and Quebec City. If Quebec becomes the 47th State, they will have to make English their official language with French as a secondary regional language.

State of ColumbiaEdit

People in Washington D.C. are considering making the District of Columbia to become the 47th state. In a Washington D.C. Gallup poll, 54% of people want statehood, 43% Do not want it, and 3% are not sure. The movement continues to be strong but so far, it is still the District of Columbia.


There is a political party called the Guam Statehood Party which has gained some ground in the Guam Legislature. Approx. 31% of the House of Representatives belong to the GSP while only 6% of the senate belong to the party. If Guam becomes a state, Guam will be the westernmost state of the United States.

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