Republic of China 中華民國

2018 A.D.-


"Long live the Republic of China and Taiwan!"



("Three Principles of the People")


Taipei City

Official Languages Taiwanese Chinese, Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka, Greek, Italian, German, Russian, English, and European Spanish
State Ideology Democracy, Chinese Nationalism, and Lutheran "Republican" Christianity, merged into a single, ultraconservative and ultranationalistic ideology centered on loyalty to Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour, and to the Republic of China
Government Semi-presidential unitary republic
Head of State

2042 - 2046


Po-Cheng Yang

Head of Government

2042 - 2046


Yang Chieh-Ming

Population 10 Billion

中華 Republican Dollar

Although the Chinese Communists invaded the Republic of China in the year 2018 A.D. , the invasion was repulsed, and the "Reconquest" began. A successful coup that was organized by General Chieh-Ming Yang occurred; the government renamed itself the "United Republic of China and Taiwan"; the president was forced to resign, and General Chieh-Ming Yang proclaimed himself the Emperor and appointed his brother as the new President. Within five years, all of Mainland China and all territories claimed by the Republic of China had been occupied, and the armies of the Republic successfully invaded and captured all land on Earth, and forcefully converted everyone to Republican Christianity/created seven "Hegemonies"-the Chinese, Italian, Greek, German, English, Spanish, and Russian. These were also the names of the languages which became the official languages of the Empire and became taught in schools alongside Hakka, Hokkien, and Taiwanese aborigine languages. All of the aforementioned languages except for Taiwanese aborigine languages were official languages and were taught in school, and Classical Chinese (in its Traditional form) became the most important language on Earth; all other languages not mentioned here were forbidden, and anyone that dissented against the government/the ideas of the Republican Church and Christian Chinese Nationalism was executed. Christianity and Chinese Nationalism became intertwined, and the "中華民國國民黨" (also known as known as the Kuomingtang) has become the dominant party in the Republic of China, flag of the Republic of China, which became the flag of this republic.

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