United Republic of Macedonia and Albania
Two national anthems:"Denes nad Makedonija"and"Himni i Flamurit"
Other cities Tirana, Berres, Ohrid
Demonym Macedonian-Albanian
Currency Balkan Dollar
Calling code +39
The United Republic Of Macedonia and Albania (2039 - ) is a federal nation in south-eastern Europe. Formed in 2039, It has grown to become a major player in the Balkans. It is comprised of a union between the two former states of Macedonia (1991 - 2039) and Albania (1912 - 2039). It also includes Greek Thrace and Bulgarian Macedonia.

Formed by the ambitious President Of Albania, Dilin Logorecci (Kmarble12), it became involved in several major crises, primarily the America's War. Under Logoreccit's masterful leadership the GDP grew to over 10 Trillion by 2043. This made it a major player within the EU, resulting in the election of an Albanian as leader of the EU in 2044.

It is noted to be a close ally of Ukraine, as well as the recently established New Republic Of China.