United Republic of America
Timeline: Scenario: A Changing World

OTL equivalent: United States (excluding 2 states?), Cuba, Baja California, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Liberia.

In god we trust ()

Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Capital Washington D.C.
Largest city New York
Other cities Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Havana
  others Spanish
Demonym American
Currency US Dollar (USD) ($)
Internet TLD .us
Calling Code +1

The United Republic of America (2035-) is a state containing the contiguous 48 US States, Cuba, Baja California, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Liberia.

Second American Revolution Edit

In 2032, NATO collapsed after growing mistrust of The United States by other members caused many NATO members to leave, and therefore the US had to disband the organization. However, The US had homeland problems as well. After racking up 25 Trillion dollars in debt, and no rational person wanting to become president, as they would probably get shot during their inauguration, President Martin Johnson suspended democracy in America indefinitely. This outraged the American Public, as it was election year. The first state to secede was Texas, followed by much of the Union. The only states to stay in the union were Alaska, Hawaii, and Peuto Rico. Washington DC was captured quickly by forces, and then the states that remained broke apart, forming their own governments.

First YearsEdit

They adopted their Constitution in 2034, then for two years, The United Republic of America was ruled by the military until in 2036, the first election began. The main parties were The Conservative Party, The Libertarian Party, and The Centrist Party. A member of The Centrist Party won the election. His name was Ryan Alexander (hey, I'm an American Citizen, I can run for president too) during President Alexander's Two Terms:

  • the flag is adopted:

United Republic of America Flag

  • The American Invasion of Cuba begins. (and ends)
  • The Second American-Canadian War erupts after a territorial dispute on who owns Alaska (technically, it was now an independent state)
  • The Rebuild of America begins (or the second reconstruction)