United Provinces of Sahara (World War III, The Flood and Emugan Contact)

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United Provinces of Sahara
المتحدة محافظات الصحراء (Arabic)
Provinces-Unis du Sahara (French)
Province Unite del Sahara (Italian)
Provincias Unidas de Sáhara (Spanish)

"الوحدة والعمل والتقدم"
"Alwhdh Wal'eml Waltqdm"
("Unity, Work and Progress.")


"L'Hymne Saharienne "
(The Saharan Anthem")


New Tripoli

Official Languages Arabic, Berber, English, French, Italian and Spanish
State Ideology Democracy
Government Semi-presidential federal republic
Head of State

2187 - present


Ibrahim Lombardi

Head of Government

2187 - present

Prime Minister

Claudette Nazari

Population 1,512 Million
Currency Lira

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