United Nations Space Corps est. 2027, is the extrasolar military of the nations of humanity. Consisting of a Navy and Marine Corps the UNSC is geared towards defending humanity from any and all threats toward its existance, though that has mainly applied to the Dirge.

UN Marines

The standard Marine of 2200 CE, is epuipted with the Mithril Power Armor (a full suit with a first layer of electrostatic nano-skin, a second layer of a toxin resistant non-neutonian impact jell interlaid with a series of artificial muscles, and a third layer of plate armor made of Fullerene C540. The suit includes flight components) a CNR Laser rifle, and a Claymore II power sword. Marines are similar to those of the Type 0 era of humanity only in name , they are far more akin to the knights of the medieval era than simply soldiers. They operate as a single human unity commanding hundreds of drones, and are extremely lethal.

UN Navy

The UN navy consists of over 100 ships and countless unmanned fighter drones. There are current three class of large ship and four classes of fighter both manned and unmanned in the UNSC Navy.


  • Alaska Class Dreadnaught: At 10 km in length the Alaska Class Dreadnaught is the largest class of ship in the UNs arsenal. It carries over a thousand drones and close to 100 fighters, as well as marines. It has 10 large laser batteries and 5 plasma cannons that fire superheated rounds of ionized carbon gas. It is the only ship capable of glassing a planet.
  • Beijing Class Destroyer: Roughly 1 km in length the Beijing Class Destroyer holds a carrier bay of 20 unmanned combat drones, and two manned fighters. It has 10 medium laser batteries and 10 kinetic launch ports that also carry nuclear and anti-matter projectiles. It is capable of launching large contingents of mariens.
  • Putin Class Frigate: The smallest ship in the UNs arsenal at 100 meters, the Putin Class Frigate is capable of FTL like all large ships, but holds only a three large laser batteries and five kinetic launch ports. It is intended mainly for close planet support.

Drones and Fighters

  • F-191 Bell III: The staple manned fighter of the UN Navy, the F-191 Bell III is capable of FTL, and is roughly the size of an F-22. It caries two laser batteries and holds as many as 30 projectiles in its bay. Pilots command 10 drones each.
  • UF-32 Terminator: An unmanned fighter.
  • UA-222 Reaper: An unmanned attack craft.

UB-98: An unmanned bomber.

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