It's about the world of the future to be more exact the year 2048 and on

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Ivan Moffitt 19:20, July 22, 2011 (UTC)

A New Day in the World

May 18, 2035- Senater Robert Mitchell founded the Unionist Party which is a Political Party founded to the Unifaction of Earth

2036 to 2040- the Unionist Party grows to incompetent most of the American, European, Candian, Latin American, African, Oceanic, and Asian Political policies in the world

January 20, 2040- Senater Robert Mitchell after a close battle with Republican Senater Clark Wright and Democratic Jason Hill Become President of the United States and also most of the world is now have somewhat of a Unionist Party

May 19, 2042- President Mitchell Surpered the U.N by saying "It's time for the Unification of Earth and it's people"

Noverber 19, 2048- North American, South American, Europe, the Oceanic, Africa and large parts of Asia joins together to form the United Nations Federation with Former American President Mitchell as it's President

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