United Korean Republic
유나이티드 대한민국
2027 –
Constitution cover
United korea seal.aspx


대한 제국 애국가

Translation: Aegukga

English: "Patriotic Song"

536px-United Korea (orthographic projection)

Geographical Information:
Capital / Largest City Seoul
Demonym Korean
Official language Korean
State ideology Democracy
Government Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
Time Zone Korean Standard Time (UTC+9)
Area 220,750 km²
Population 81 million (2030)
Currency United Korean Won

The United Korean Republic, or United Korea is a sovereign republic made of the Korean peninsula. It borders China to the north, and Japan to the East. It covers a total land area of 220,750 square kilometers. It has an approximate population of 81 million as of 2034.

The United Korean Republic was formed in 2027 from North Korea and South Korea following the collapse the regime of Kim Jong-un of Democratic People's Republic of Korea in 2024. After involvement from South Korea, China and the United States in stabilizing the North, North and South Korea united and adopted the democratic system of government used in South Korea.

The United Korean Republic is a presidential republic, similar to what was present in South Korea before the Second Korean War. The southern part, formerly South Korea, of the country is considered very developed with very high standards of living, and very technologically advnced, while the northern part is very undeveloped with high amount of poverty and low standards of living. There a many programs to aid the northern part of the government, improve technology, and improve standards of living. Improvements have been seen in the north thanks to these programs with decreased amounts of poverty, better standards of living and a significantly higher amount of luxuries such as clean water, internet, and higher car ownership. Nonetheless they still suffer from widespread poverty, and lower incomes and standards of living a opposed to South Korea.

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