The United Kingdom general election, 2035 was held on the 10th May 2035. Voting took place in all 600 parliamentary constituencies in the country, each of which elected one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons. It coincided with local elections in much of England. This was the first election since Scottish independence, hence why the number of parliamentary constituencies was decreased to 600.

Dubbed numerous media sources as the closest election in a generation, the election resulted in a hung parliament. The Labour Party won the most seats, whilst the Progressive Conservatives won the highest share of the popular vote. Despite this, Catherine Powell was able to continue as Prime Minister thanks to support from the Liberal Democrats and the Greens. This coalition would not last long however; within six months tensions were rising between Labour and the Liberal Democrats, particularly with regards to budget discussions. As a result, a group of ministers from the right-wing of the Liberal Democrats placed a vote of confidence in the government, and Powell was forced to call a snap election. The ensuing snap election, held in 2036, was easily won by Stewart.




239 51 11 235 42 22
Labour LD G Progressive Conservative U O


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