The United Kingdom general election in 2030 was held on Tuesday 7th May 2030. This General Election was won by Sajid Javid of the Conservative Party and saw another great surge in the Green party with them gaining about quadruple of their seats from the 2025 general election. Labour have seen the most shocking defeat since their creation.

This general election has been the most shocking since polls began, all through the election period Liz Kendall and her Labour centrism stance has been thought to have won her another landslide election, but it went the polar opposite. The Conservatives gained a massive 482 seats, compared to 234 last election and they have a 156 seat majority. The greens have 122 seats and have quadrupled their seat size.

The election had a record breaking turnout, 90.1% of the electorate voted, due to massive cross party campaigns, notably "SWING THE VOTE".

Liz Kendall comments "It's been a shocking night for Labour, even the exit polls seemed to lie! I guess, this is me resigning!"

Caroline Lucas from the Green Party said "The country has accepted environmentalism which has restored my faith in humanity, we can now work as the opposition party to get more environmental policies out of the Conservatives."

Sajid Javid tells "It's great, because the country has accepted Conservatism, and now I will work on bringing equality and prosperity to Britain once again. You (British Public) managed to topple the monstrous Labour government and saved our country from economic decline."

Labour leadership election, 2030

The Labour leadership election after the dreadful 2030 general election was 3 months from October to December. On December 13th 2030, the new Labour leader was elected and it was Chuka Umunna.

Because of Labour's shocking election result, they are no longer the opposition party and therefore no longer have a place in the Shadow Cabinet.


Green leadership election, 2033

After the victory election in 2030, the Greens were ecstatic in parliament. Sadly, on 3rd May 2033, Caroline Lucas resigned after falling ill. A leadership election was triggered. From July 5th 2033 to August 7th 2033, a leadership election was held. Amelia Womack was elected leader of the Greens.


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