The United Kingdom general election, 2030 was held on the 9th May 2030. Voting took place in all 650 parliamentary constituencies in the country, each of which elected one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons. It coincided with local elections in much of England.

The election took place during a time of great constitutional uncertainty in Britain; the Labour government had recently replaced the House of Lords with a fully elected Senate, and a year previously had scheduled a second Scottish independence referendum. These policies boded well for Labour at the polls, with this and a relatively strong economy returning them to power. However, the unpopularity of Labour's welfare and business policies amongst right-wingers allowed the Progressive Conservatives and the Unionist Alliance to make gains, whilst the Green Party benefitted fromn the support of disillusioned Labour left-wingers.

The election resulted in hung parliament, with the Labour Party thirty-six seats away from a majority. Labour subsequently entered a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, allowing Chuka Umunna to continue as Prime Minister. The 2030 election also marked the first election in which the Progressive Conservatives and the Unionist Alliance competed separately, with both parties taking key marginals from the Labour Party. The SNP and the Greens also both performed well at the election, gaining three and nine seats respectively.




290 48 197 49 35 9 22
Labour LD Progressive Conservative U SNP G O


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