United Kingdom general election, 2020 (Timebomb Earth)

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The 2020 United Kingdom general election was held on Friday, 8 May 2015 to elect 650 members to the British House of Commons. Chuka Umunna and the Labour Parties made notable gains.

In 2017, Scotland voted for independence from the UK in a referendum vote

May was elected Conservative Leader and Prime Minister following a 2016 leadership election after the resignation of David Cameron.

The big surprise of the election was when UKIP took the Liberal Democrat's place as the third major party, this was mostly because all of their new seats came from the Conservative and LibDem parties, who faced the most setbacks in the elections. The latter of whom, dissolved following the election.

May resigned as Prime Minister after the results of the election, and was replaced by Boris Johnson.

Leadership elections

Liberal Democrat leadership election, 2015

Liberal Democrat candidates

Conservative Party leadership election, 2016

Conservative candidates

Labour Party leadership election, 2016

Labour candidates

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