This General Election resulted in a Conservative win, for a third term, another Labour lose, but with massive seat increases and Liberal Democrats gaining some seats.

The seat winnings were phenomenal, for the first time in decades, only the first three parties had all the seats. No other party than the Tories, Labour or Lib Dems had seats.

This General Election brought back the Liberal Democrats because the Scottish won the independence vote in 2018 with a 'Yes' vote of 61%.

The Conservatives won by a slim majority of just one seat, no thanks to the rising centrist/liberal views of Liz Kendall and Tim Farron pulling votes back to them parties.

Therefore the current Prime Minister is Boris Johnson (Conservative), taking over from the incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron (Conservative) and leading the country in to another 5 years of Conservative government. By 2025 this will be a full 15 year Conservative government.

Later Liz Kendall reported on the election and said she would be staying as leader due to massive Labour gains.

She quoted "I've led Labour a 69 seat change, and we continue to up that gain and hopefully next election I can lead us in to a Labour government."

Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat leader has reported on the election and said he would be staying as leader.

Boris Johnson commented on the election win for the 3rd Conservative government and spoke "We may have lost 4 seats, but we will strive, under my Tory rule, to make sure everyone is equal and happy"

Liz Kendall has come under some criticism for not being socialist enough, however this has gained 69 seats for Labour, is socialism dead, liberalism rising?

Conservative Leadership Election Edit

When David Cameron resigned at the end of his second term in office, a leadership election was triggered running from 12 September 12 December 2019. The new leader would be de facto until the General Election.

Candidates: Edit

The results in order the number the votes they got goes from left to right.

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