United Kingdom general election, 2020 (Gavinawsome)
650 seats, 326 needed for a majority
First party Second party Third party
J.corbyn T.may N.sturgeon
Leader Jeremy Corbyn Theresa May Nicola Sturgeon
Party Labour Conservative SNP
Leader's seat Islington North Maidenhead Leader not in Parliament
Seats before 229 329 54
Seats won 348 191 53
Seat change +119 -138 -1
Popular vote 14,975,366 11,733,276 2,470,163
Percentage 38.8 30.4 6.4
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Tfarron Dalexander Djames
Leader Tim Farron Danny Alexander Diane James
Party Liberal Democrats European Britain UKIP
Leader's seat Westmorland and Monsdale Inverness, Narin, Badenoch, and Strathspey North West Hampshire
Seats before 8 Did not contest 1
Seats won 46 21 5
Seat change +38 +21 +4
Popular vote 4,168,400 1,196,485 1,968,412
Percentage 10.8 3.1 5.1

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