The 2020 UK election taked place on May 7. Jeremy Corbyn was elected Prime Minister in a Labour-SNP-LibDem-Sinn Féin-Plaid Cymru-SDLP-Green-Respect coalition.

The Labour Party, led by elected Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn, increased of 40 seats and won 272 seats.

The Conservative Party, led by outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron, decreased of 60 seats and won 270 seats.

The Scottish National Party, led by Nicola Sturgeon, kept all its 56 seats.

The Liberal Democrat Party, led by Tim Farron, increased of 18 seats and won 26 seats.

The Democratic United Party, led by Arlene Foster, kept all its 8 seats.

The Sinn Féin, led by Gerry Adams, increased of 1 seat and won 5 seats.

The United Kingdom Independence Party, led by Nigel Farage, increased of 2 seats and won 3 seats.

The Plaid Cymru, led by Leanne Wood, kept all its 3 seats.

The Social Democratic and Labour Party, led by Colum Eastwood, kept all its 3 seats.

The Green Party, led by Natalie Bennett, kept its only 1 seat.

The Respect Party, led by George Galloway, surged from nothing with 1 seat.

All the party leaders were re-elected. In May 7, David Cameron finished his term and Jeremy Corbyn became the new British PM. This left-wing visionary promised to make a lot of changes in the British economic and social domains.

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