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The United Kingdom General Election 2017 was held after Prime Minister Theresa May resigns after Scotland votes for independence in a referendum on May 7th, 2017, by 60%. Boris Johnson, elected leader of the conservatives, was ousted from office in the snap election after outrage when he triggered article 50 a week before the election.

Background Theresa May resigned when SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, won a Scottish independence referendum with 60% of the votes cast. Boris Johnson was elected and called for a snap election.

Campaign On course to win, he sparked outrage by triggering Article 50 1 week before voting, promising not to until 2018. Jeremy Corbyn was then voted in with 55% Of votes cast. Notably the liberal democrats overtook all smaller parties and would become a real threat.

Aftermath On the steps of Downing Street, just after seeing the queen, Jeremy Corbyn says: "Good Morning Britain, I have just been to see Her Majesty the Queen, and have been asked to form a new government. I accept. Following a vile campaign by my predecessor, I pledged to support workers and tackle inequality. And I will carry those things out. I will make sure that Britain will negotiate the best terms for leaving the EU, and hasten the exit of Scotland from the United Kingdom, as Scotland wants. I will make sure our ties with other countries are as strong as ever, having President Trump (Zak Says I will make a page on that later) on the phone about an hour ago. I promise to carry out the duties of prime minister in the way it was meant to, to protect and serve Britain. Nothing else. Thank you."

Boris Johnson then leaves politics. He would not be seen again until next year, were the queen called all past chancellors and past prime ministers that are living, but David Cameron didn't attend: he was a rich business man in America, and the CEO of that business was George Osborne; because he never got to be prime minister. They were all called because the queen vetoed a law and an uprising started. This made Jeremy wildly popular as he ignores the queens veto, going on to win 2020, and winning the British civil war.