The United Kingdom general election of 2041 was held on 3 January 2041 to elect the 62nd Parliament of the United Kingdom. Voting took place in all 600 parliamentary constituencies of the United Kingdom, each electing one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons, the dominant house of Parliament. Local elections took place in most of England on the same day, excluding Greater London.

The election saw the Liberals become the largest party in parliament for the first time in over a century, since 1910. There was a collapse in support for Labour mostly due to the unpopularity of the new Prime Minister. The Conservatives rebranded as the "British Workers" and adopted a more centralist platform but with tougher foreign policies than the Liberals, which managed to give the party moderate gains but were still left in third place, although managed to this time come third in terms of votes also. Choice and the Eco Party remained in relatively similar positions as to the previous election.

The result was what's been described as the "most disastrous hung parliament in a century" with no coalition agreements being able to be reached, although the Liberals were eventually given a confidence and supply deal with Labour and Choice.

Election Results

Party Leader Vote % Seats (change)
Liberals Andrew Reynolds 30.1% 203 (+67)
Labour Party Jack Taylor 26.8% 191 (-88)
British Workers Neil Barker 19.5% 154 (+24)
Choice Frank Gould 18.4% 45 (+4)
Eco Party Michelle Anato 3.9% 3 (-1)
Other Parties N/A 1.3% 4 (N/A)
203 191 154 45 7
Liberals Labour Party British Workers Choice O


Virtual Parliament 2041      Liberals: 203 seats      Labour Party: 191 seats      British Workers: 154 seats      Choice: 44 seats      Eco Party: 3 seats      Others: 4 seats