The United Kingdom general election of 2030 was held on 7 May 2030 to elect the 59th Parliament of the United Kingdom. Voting took place in all 600 parliamentary constituencies of the United Kingdom, each electing one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons, the dominant house of Parliament. Local elections took place in most of England on the same day, excluding Greater London.

Jeremy Corbyn did not stand for re-election as Prime Minister as he felt it right for him to retire. He did however agree to remain Prime Minister until the next government had been formed. The public consensus was that Labour had basically achieved their mission thus had little else to do, thus their support dropped and they fell to second place. Despite Ian Liddell-Grainger being highly unpopular, some of the Conservatives promises were and thus they managed to come first place, despite Grainger being a prick who coincidently ran in the same parliament constituency as previous Conservative leader Ian Bradbury did. It is thought that the only reason Grainger managed to come back the party let alone lead it was due to bribing other politicians and threatening them with emails and boring stuff. Choice's campaign was more coherent than their last and along with continuing promising a referendum for Northern Irish Independence and representing the country better than any other party could, one of their latest key policies is a commitment to a devolved English parliament which had only been a minor policy of theirs before. It is thought that that is the main reason they gained such a large number of seats in comparison to what they already had and why they were so popular in England. it is also thought that they were the main reason the Conservatives were unable to gain a majority. The Liberals also lead a better campaign this election.

The result was a hung parliament. After days of discussion, the Conservatives and Choice formed a formal coalition. Choice were very reluctant to join due to their large differences with the Conservative Party on many social and economic issues. The only reason they agreed to the coalition was that the Conservatives agreed to hold a referendum on Northern Irish Independence and give England a dissolved parliament, things which Labour didn't agree to, despite former Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn being in favour of Northern Irish independence (his party blocked a referendum as they however could not commit to it, banter).

Election ResultsEdit

Party Leader Vote % Seats (change)
Conservative Party Ian Liddell-Grainger 30.2% 278 (+35)
Labour Party Anton Davidson 29.4% 259 (-70)
Choice Enzo Tyler 20.4% 31 (+21)
Liberals Joseph Gillian 18.6% 19 (+14)
Other Parties N/A 1.4 4 (N/A)
278 31 259 19 4
Conservative Party Cho Labour Party L O


Virtual Parliament 2030 fake      Conservatives: 278 seats      Labour: 259 seats      Choice: 31 seats      Liberals: 19 seats      Others: 5 seats