The United Kingdom general election of 2025 was held on 7 May 2025 to elect the 58th Parliament of the United Kingdom. Voting took place in all 600 parliamentary constituencies of the United Kingdom, each electing one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons, the dominant house of Parliament. Local elections took place in most of England on the same day, excluding Greater London. It was the third general election to be held at the end of a fixed term parliament following the enactment of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, and the second to be held after Scotland voted to leave the United Kingdom in the more recent Scottish Independence Referendum.

Due to Jeremy Corbyn's extremely popular government, Labour managed to increase their majority. The Conservatives were lead by Ian McBradbury, who was even less popular with the public than George Osborne and due to this, they lost even more seats. Choice made minor losses but retained most of their support form the previous election. The Lib Dems rebranded themselves as the Liberals, a hark back to the classic party of the same name. It was lead by Joseph Gillian and they managed to gain three seats. UKIP were completely wiped out in this election due to their lack of relevance in the current political climate.

Election ResultsEdit

Party Leader Vote % Seats (change)
Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn 36.2% 339 (+14)
Conservative Party Ian McBradbury 29.7% 243 (-11)
Choice Enzo Tyler 15.8% 10 (-2)
Liberals Joseph Gillian 15.4% 5 (+3)
Other Parties N/A 2.9% 3 (N/A)
339 243 10 8
Labour Party Conservative Party C O


Virtual parliament 2025 fake      Labour: 339 seats      Conservatives: 243 seats      Choice: 10 seats      Liberals: 5 seats      Others: 3 seats