the 2015 UK General Election was held on the 7th of May, 2015.


2015 United Kingdom General Election Results
Party: Labour Party Conservative Party Liberal Democrats United Kingdom Independence Party
Leader: Ed Milliband David Cameron Nick Clegg

Nigel Farage

Leader's Seat: Doncaster North Witney Sheffield Hallam South Thanet (Lost)
Seats: 356 239 29 0
Seats +/- +98 -67 -28 =
Vote: 40.95% 33.08% 15.80% 9.99%
Vote +/- +12% -3% -7% +7%


The election resulted in a majority government for Labour, led by Prime Minster Ed Milliband.

David Cameron stayed on as leader but stepped down in 2018, allowing London Mayor Boris Johnson to take over.

Nick Clegg resigned as leader and was replaced by Vince Cable.

UKIP's gains were strong but still underwhelming. Nigel Farage stayed on as leader.

Seats won by other Parties:

Scottish National Party: 8

Democratic Unionist Party: 7

Sinn Fein: 6

Plaid Cymru: 4

Ulster Unionist Party: 2

Social Democratic and Labour Party: 1

Alliance: 1

Greens: 1

Respect Coalition: 1

Independents: 2