The United Kingdom held a referendum on its membership of the European Union (EU). The referendum was held on 23 June 2016, in which the public of the UK voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU by 57% to 43%. The turnout was 73%, which was higher than any nationwide election in modern history.

Britain Stronger in Europe was the main organisation campaigning to keep Britain in the EU, and Grassroots Out was the main organisation to get Britain out of the EU. The remain side was headed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the leave side was headed by former Defence Secretary Liam Fox. There were three televised debates in the UK between Cameron and Fox, as well as one extra debate in Scotland between Alex Salmond and George Galloway.

The majority (63%) of Scotland voted to remain in the EU, whilst the majority of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (56%, 62% and 52% respectively) voted to leave the EU. In response to the referendum result, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that there would be a second Scottish independence referendum in 2018.

EU referendum
Remain/Leave %
Remain in the European Union 43%
Leave the European Union 57%

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