The United Kingdom civil war over Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, her successor, vetoing laws proposed by Jeremy Corbyns Labour Party. The War ended after the abolition of the monarchy.

The Run Up

After Jeremy Corbyn won the 2017 General Election. the queen, who died in 2018: and her Sucessor, Charles vetoed many of Corbyns left policies, leading to outrage. After a 2020 election that due to meddling had meant Stephen Crabb, the Conservative Candidate, being asked to form a new government, the democratically elected Jeremy Corbyn was considered Prime Minister, even though he had no official rule, parliament listened to him. Parliaments oath was no longer needed. David Cameron began to talk to britain from america, (See my 2017 Election page) eventually returning and becoming royalist leader after Stephen Crabb fled to New Zealand.

The War

Landmines were found around Buckingham palace, killing a secretary. The Royalists followed this by declaring war. The United States said that the special relationship would end if it was not ended in a vote. The US started to help the monarchy, letting Charles flee there, and giving troops to them. Completely ignoring the special relationship comment. The republicans managed to take over the nuclear weapons base, and threatened to destroy London if the monarchy was not abolished. The wishes came true.