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Template:Use British English
{{Infobox Political party
|colorcode = Template:Australian Labor Party/meta/color
|name = Australian Labor Party
|logo = 230px
|leader = Bill Shorten
|president = Jenny McAllister
|leader1_title = Deputy Leader
|leader1_name = Tanya Plibersek
|secretary = George Wright
|foundation = 8 May 1901
|dissolution =
|headquarters = Sydney Avenue, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
|youth_wing = Australian Young Labor
|membership = 40,000
|membership_year = 2013
|international = Progressive Alliance,
Socialist International
|seats1_title = House of Representatives
|seats1 = Template loop detected: Template:Composition bar
|seats2_title = Senate
|seats2 = Template loop detected: Template:Composition bar
|website = Template:URL
|country = Australia

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