United Federation of China
2058 - 2108
Flag of China (2058-2108) Chinese CoA
Flag of China Seal of China
China 2058
Location of China

Motto: '" Blood of fighter 血染的勇士"'

Capital: Beijing
Largest city: Guangdong
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Type of government: Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
  government: National Assembly
Area: 14,000,000 (2017) km²
Population: 895 million (2130) 
Currency: Chinese Yuan

(¥) (CNY)

Internet TLD: .cn

China, officially the United Federation of China, was a sovereign state located in East Asia. It was the world's third most populous country, with a population of over 895 million just prior to its collapse. The UFC was a multi-party semi-presidential republic, and briefly attempted to adopt the Quantum Economic Model in the 2090s.


Founded in 2058 shortly after the fall of the Communist Regime to internal strife and Japanese invasion, the United Federation of China was established by Social Democrats in mainland China, and the nationalist Unity Society in Taiwan to combat Japanese and Turkish influence in China.