United Empire of Earth
Empire Uni de la Terre
Соединенные Империя Земли
Imperio Unido de la Tierra
Império Unido da Terra
Imperiul Unit al Terrei
संयुक्त साम्राज्य
2019 -
United Among The Stars
(FR) Unis Parmi Les Étoiles
(ES) Unido Entre Las Estrellas
(RU) Объединены Cреди Звезд
(PT) Unidos Entre As Estrelas
(CN) 众多明星联合
(IN) सितारों के बीच एकजुट
(RO) Uniți printre stele

Into the stars together

UFE teritorry

Black: UEE's territory on Earth at its formation, in 2019

Capital planet and city(ies) Earth, Sol system
  • Paris (legislative and administrative; imperial seat)
  • Adelaide (military)
Official languages English






all other human languages

State ideology Democracy
Government Federal republican empire
Head of state and head of government Imperator

Elizabeth Warren

Date Formed November 11th, 2019
Population 2,874,520,100 (at its formation, 3/22/19 estimate)
Currency UEE Credit (commonly called Credit)
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The United Empire of Earth (French: Empire Uni de la Terre; Spanish: Imperio Unido de la Tierra; Portuguese: Império Unido da Terra; Hindi: पृथ्वी के संयुक्त साम्राज्य; Russian: Соединенные Империя Земли; Chinese: 地球联合帝国; Romanian: Imperiul Unit al Terrei or Imperiul Unit al Pământului) is a federal republican empire, composed of 4 systems, 8 special territories and one district (District de l'Île-de-France). It resulted from the Colonial Treaties (Treaty of Procyon IIa, signed on November 11th, 2019, and Treay of Gliese 667 Cc, signed on August 22nd, 2019), which reorganized the previous United Federation of Earth to include colonized systems within the nation.

The government of the empire remained the same of the UFE's, with only office changes (for example, the President became the Imperator, etc.). With the establishment of the new state, relations between the races of the Alliance of Planets increased to a far bigger level, with a united technological research programme being founded by Alliance members - United Scientific and Technological Research Interstellar Agency (USTRI).