The Unification War, originally labeled the Talmur Civil War, was a colonial conflict between Talmur colonies loyal to the unstable but democratic Talmur Republic, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, an alliance of rebellious colonies located primarily in the border territories. The Unification War had about a century of build up and was one of the worst Galactic civil conflicts to date.


Between 1500 and 1600 A.D. (around the time the Naga was forming the Citadel Council), the Talmur Republic was becoming increasingly invested in colonial expansion. The colonies were ruled by governors, appointed directly from the homeworld. Over time, the Talmur Republic's galvanizing influence began to wither, and the colonials began distancing themselves from the homeworld, changing their culture to reflect upon their respective world that they came from. During the later points of the Talmur's early colonialism, there were instances of friction between the inner and outer colonies of the Republic, which eventually boiled over into full-scale conflict.

The war was initially between the colonies of outer Talmur space and its neighbours closer towards the homeworld, and the Republic, corrupt and unstable (finding it hard to control its own people on Talaven), maintained a strict diplomatic stance towards the warring colonies, refusing to get involved. After several years, and the organization of the rebels into the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the inner colonies began to seek aid from the homeworld. With the fighting inching ever closer to home and the government's refusal to aid their colonies, the situation amid the people on Talaven would've sparked a civil war were it not for the conglomerate of high-ranking military officials that marched on the capital, utilizing the people's rebellious fervour to successfully oust the government in a military coup and seize power in the form of a junta.

The new government restored order to the capital, and using propaganda to fuel the masses, began a massive drafting campaign, promising to liberate the colonies from Rebel influence. The swelled Talmur Armed Forces began bolstering fronts on the inner rim colonies, rapidly liberating the worlds and in a few short months, began conquesting rebel-held world closer to the outer territories. Suffering defeat after defeat, the once organized CIS began to fall into disarray, and the Confederate Senate finally disbanded after submitting to homeworld authority. The entire war lasted seven years, and costed millions of lives. Animosity between the loyalists and the rebels took centuries to fade, but many Talmur still identify themselves from the world they were born on.


The changes following the war were very drastic. The Talmur Republic was disbanded, and the more centralized, authoritarian Imperial Talmur Hierarchy took its place. The Talmur people themselves shifted from

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