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The World of 2020

The Unification War (aka World War III) is the final war on Earth between the old nation-states. It took place between November 15, 2020 and October 31, 2033. It remains the worst war in history leaving over one and a half billion people dead and billions other homeless and helpless. While the date of the start and ending of the war are well known the causes are complex and numerous; many causes were there for a number of years, while other were new or took advantage of a quickly changing world order. It is generally agreed that the events caused by the Grand Socialist Conspiracy (GSC), more than any other cause, are responsible for the extreme loss of life and worldwide damage.

The GSC lost control of its plans to undermine the United States of America and isolate it from its allies, and destroy its economic and military power, and its influence throughout the world. The results they hoped would be a world-wide socialist paradise. Instead, the different elements within the GSC started to introduce their own plots to "one-up" the other members and increase their own national or personal power within the GSC. However, these plots left an out of control conspiracy without direction leading to its own collapse, a World War and a unified world under the direction of an all powerful America.

The State of the World

World events up to the use of a nuclear weapon, against Haifa, Israel, an event known as Armageddon, was much as it had been since the end of World War II.

  • The United States of America (USA or America) was the most important nation on the planet, its wealth, technology, military power and influence were without equal. Many will point out that over the decades since the end of WWII that America was always being challenged for the top spot; first from the nearly forgotten Union of Soviet Socialist Republic which collapsed and is now Russia or from Japan who pushed America to find a new technological path in which America would lead in the Information Revolution or more recently from the People's Republic of China and its ability to exploit it massive population for quick economic growth and despite its own massive environmental damage. Regardless of these challenges the USA had a core of long term friends and allies; some being weak, others strong, world players or regional powers. The most important of these friend have been the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Korea, Israel and the other nations of NATO but also many lesser regional powers Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and many others. America never had any reason to believe any of these nations would become a threat to its very existence.
  • The Euro Zone, led by France and Germany, clearly had a major role in world politics and the direction in which the world moved. Though Europe lacked the military power or reach of the Americans, it had massive industrial and technological abilities that were on par with any other region including the Americans. In addition to these abilities both Russia and the United Kingdom which for the most part maintained their own economic independence and had major military power and influence, started to drift closer to the European center. This was occurring despite the continued financial weakness of some of the Euro Zone smaller nations. All these European realignments made Europe the region that allowed the GSC to even be suggested.
  • One cannot look at early 21st century world event and not see the importance and the problems of the Middle East as one of the prime driver of the world. The massive energy reserves of both oil and natural gas were without equal and very long term difficulties and regional hatred that spanned centuries were well know but have never been easy to resolve. The most recent attempts at change had occurred less than a decade earlier in what is known as the Arab Spring but that movement like so many other movements in world history was hijacked by radicals. Though no country in this region was involved or aware of the GSC, the major powers in this region quickly took advantage of the other global events caused by the GSC.
  • Chinese economic power has been growing along with its influence and military clout around the world but has been viewed as an upcoming superpower for a couple of decades. Though Chinese history clearly shows that it has been a regional superpower many times in its past, if China wanted to become a superpower in the 21st century and beyond, it would require it to become something its history did not show. It needed to become a world power and have a global military reach which it did not have. While China did not become directly involved in the GSC, it did not interfere with the GSC or try to steer it, however, China did quickly take advantage of it for its own benefit and very survival with devastating results.

Most of the rest of the world had little impact on the overall events of the world. Some countries such as Brazil, India and Japan had strong influence within their own region and maintained an ear with one or more larger power. However the bulk of humanity lived in poverty with a myriad of problems. Most of these people could care less about the events of the world unless that event could somehow benefit them. The level of hunger, unemployment and helplessness were compounded with growing environmental challenges, especially with access to clean water, and with their growing populations. It is the poor people and nations, more than any others, which the GSC thought they would help with the fall of America. It is, however, the poor who will suffer the most and die in huge numbers with the collapse of the world military and economic order, as well a World War.

The Changing World

Nuclear Armageddon

Most people in the western world expected Armageddon to be a world-wide nuclear exchange that would either destroy the world or be the start of the Christian " Rapture" (end times). However it turned out to be very different than what had been expected and more devastating to the world at large without the wide-spread use of nuclear weapons.

The destruction of Haifa, Israel on June 5th marked the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Six Day War, which was fought between June 5th and June 10th, 1967. It was a total defeat for the Arabs and lead to a loss of land to Israel and the loss of East Jerusalem. Who exploded the bomb in Haifa went unclaimed and while the initial reaction in the Middle East was one of excitement with the idea of revenge against Israel, the mood soon change when it became clear that tens of thousands of Palestinian workers in the city had died and were now suffering along with the Israelis.

The effect on the rest of the world were divided amongst those that wanted to help Israel and hold someone or some nation responsible for this crime, to one that it should have been expected and the world needed to get rid of these weapons and other weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Each nation and region took a somewhat different stance.

In the United States there was an immediate call to find those guilty and help Israel. This call to hold someone responsible was also supported by many nations in the Middle East including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. These two nations feared a wider war within the region. The Russians called for calmer heads to prevail to prevent a widening of the war and to eliminate all nuclear weapons to reduce the chance of a similar event in the future. The Europeans and much of the rest of the world were somewhere in between.

The Russians grabbed world headlines with their call to reduce the worlds nuclear arsenals; the plan came with a lot of skepticism. However they started to unilaterally destroy many of their own weapons had a profound affect on the people of the world and each declared nuclear state, bar none. The countries with these weapons each had massive demonstrations throughout their nations and everyone was calling on the destruction of these bombs.

The video and first hand accounts of the destruction of Haifa had quickly become uncensored and widely available. Unlike the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it which little knowledge of the side effects and horror that the people went through was never spread to the world at large. The Russia plan picked up momentum through-out the world.

Economic Woes

With the price of oil skyrocketing many countries started to increase their Strategic Oil Reserve, which worsened the problem, the world fell into a deep recession. Growth in the major economies started to post negative growth and the economic woes of weaker economies saw their economies start to nose-dive. Inflation started to raise dramatically with the fear that the Middle Eastern oil would be cut off. 

The Chinese saw their Real Estate bubble finally burst after years of the government covering-up the severity of the problem. The government of China felt that securing oil was more important then propping-up bad business practices and they use the woes of their countrymen to (re)nationalize many large businesses. Many Chinese companies were hit twice, once due to the sudden jump in oil driven inflation, the second the loss of their major export markets, as the importing nation were no longer spending freely (a practice that only recently people had started doing again after the last recession). With so much of their overseas assets tied-up in American debt the Chinese stopped buying anymore and in fact started selling off tens of billions in Treasury Notes (T-Notes) back for cash or other international assets.

With the Chinese pulling some of their assets out of America and worse yet stopped buying anymore sent America towards a new and deadlier Fiscal Cliff, far worst then the one they had faced on January 1, 2013. The US government had done a lot to slow the increase in spending over the previous 5 years but still was running debt in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Tim Pawlenty, who became the new president of the United States just 6 months earlier on January 20, 2017, in an effort to close the loss of Chinese buying of T-Notes called on massive across the board spending cuts including defense, medicare and medicaid, social security (raising the age to 69 years old) and all other programs except help for the states and education. He also called on a small and temporary tax-hike on most American but a large one on the top wage earners. Most American supported this plan due to the fact that many in America believe the "end of the world" was near and something needed to be done, many supported the idea of America becoming an isolationist nation once again.

The Europeans had been dealing with economic problems for several years and were again able to weather the recession on their own. However, Germany and France took a much harder stance at first to quickly get all of Europe working together. This included outreaching to the United Kingdom, which is not part of the Euro-Zone countries and Russia, which only recently has became a closer economic ally to western Europe.

With so much of the world in an economic free-fall, many countries started to seek out strong nationalist leaders and/or socialist groups in the belief that they could better help the down-troddened. Over the next couple of years dozens of governments around the world would see a change in their leadership and governments.

Grand Socialist Conspiracy

The loss of life in Haifa, Israel by a terrorist group was without precedence and the world scrambled to make sense of it. While the United States, Israel and the United Nations went on a world-wide witch hunt to find the perpetrators. Others started to think about, What is next? and What does the future hold for the people of the world? Several of these nations, in private cables, started to lay blame to the current world order and in particular on the United States of America, the dominate world power since the end of the Second World War.

The death of Raul Castro of Cuba shortly after his brother Fidel's death, had given Cuba its first new (non Castro) leader since 1959. Manuel Soto was young (58) and educated in private schools in Venezuela. Most people believed he would usher in a new, more open Cuba instead he returned Cuba to its origins. In regards to reforming Cuba he openly said; " the only problem with the Cuban Revolution is America and  the socialist movement through-out the world has been deterred and prevent from following their natural course because of America's resistant and assault against the true destiny of the people of the world, and not until the American model is gone will the world be able to return to the course set out by Marx, Lenin, Mao and Castro."  Of course many people have said similar things over the decades but Soto was very charismatic and charming, and he quickly and quietly found supporters in the Latin American community.

Many left-leaning leaders through-out the world were approached and "felt out" by Cuban agents, they quickly found sympathetic leaders in Russia, France, Germany, Britain, Canada and Brazil, as well as lower ranking government officials and some rich businesspeople from many other countries. With Cuba becoming the meeting place for the Grand Socialist Conspiracy, the conspirators hoped to create a plan to spread socialism and to react quickly to movements by the United States in the hopes of undermining the USA. 

The ongoing collapse of the world economy would allow socialist to make ground as long as America could be contained. As it became more apparent that the USA and Israel would seek some form of sanctions or military action against Iran, which has been blamed for the attack, the GSC hope to make a powerful impact on any effort by the American and quickly lead to their demise.

The GSC member quietly start to influence the home government to support the Russia plan for arms control and to eliminate nuclear weapons around the world and put pressure on America to do likewise. The GSC strongly believe that America's nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers are the sole reason America is still a superpower.

America Leadership

American leadership, even before the bombing of Haifa had started to wane. While it did lead an international effort to find those responsible, they fell short in finding any concrete evidence directed at any single group. However, Israel believed that Iran was responsible. The American president, Tim Pawlenty, with the support of both houses of the American congress (both houses holding slight republican majority), decided to condemn Iran despite the lack of solid information and attempted to use a United Nations (UN) Security Resolution to punish them.

Much of the limited evidence that they did have was based on how the Iranian leadership and former leadership acted after the bombing and statements made by them. The American efforts in the UN were a total defeat and embarrassment, as the United States received not one vote in support of the resolution, not even from long time Security Council allies England and France, both of which had come under the influence of the GSC.

The decision to unilaterally attack Iran, by Israel and the United States, was condemned by the rest of the world. The fear that another nuclear device might be in the possession of Iran and that they would be willing to use it was the driving factor. Iran had avoided attacks for many years because they had successfully been able to manipulate the UN with its own Security Council allies, Russia and China. After the attack on Iran nuclear facilities, it was Iran who showed restraint (with both Russia and China supporting that restraint) and they attacked no-one in retaliation; instead they called on the Security Council to punish those who attack them.

While Israel has in the past had been condemned by the UN, due to its ongoing problems with the Occupied Territories and some of her neighbors, the United States never has. After the attacks on Iran, the Security Council could not find a way to punish the United States (they easily figured out sanctions against Israel, though the USA could veto any resolution); the USA was too intertwined economically, politically and her military was to strong to have any form of retaliatory strikes against her homeland.

Due to the status of the United States and the inability of the Security Council to act, a movement within the General Assemble of the United Nations to do something against the USA picked up momentum. The driving force behind the movement was no-one nation in particular (though Iran was encourage to start it by elements of the GSC). Many other nations were also pushed to follow Iran's lead, as the UN was claiming that the USA had over stepped its rights as a leading country. In an unprecedented move the General Assemble called for the immediate removal of the United States from having a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, and its veto power. The UN also decided to give that seat to India, and create an additional permanent seat and give it to Brazil. Finally it pass an amendment taking away the veto power from all the permanent member of the Security Council.

After the realignment of the United Nation, the United States was angry and humiliated. An increasing amount of Americans started to believe that a conspiracy against them was taken place. Many also believed that its removal  from the UN security Council and the attack on Haifa, Israel were proof that the End Times, were upon the world. With the near collapse of the world economy and skyrocketing oil prices the United States started to withdraw into itself with wide-spread boycotts against anything non-American. These belief greatly affected the people of the USA and the mid-term elections in November of 2018. It was also during these elections that American overwhelmingly supported the elimination of its nuclear stockpiles. It was reasoned that when the "End" came at least it wouldn't be in a nuclear holocaust. The efforts at reducing this weapons would match those of the rest of the major powers and totally destroy them all by  June 5, 2020 the Third Anniversary of the Haifa Bombing.

More Woes for the World

With the sudden power vacuum created by a withdrawing America, each region started to try and influence their neighbors to suit their own needs, regardless of any possible world-wide consequences. Without a benevolent global superpower or group of global power maintaining a system of checks and balances. Something that has been going on since the European powers started to control vast global colonial empires. The world order started to deteriorate.

In Europe, in contrast to the American belief that the End Times where upon them, found themselves in the mists of massive and spontaneous anti-religious movements, which were largely directed against Muslims in Europe. This movement was so wide spread and harmful for the Muslims that the fear of a second Holocaust taking place against them seemed like a real concern and massive immigration back to their country of origin gained momentum .

In many Islamic-majority nations the people started to respond with their own movements. Their movements like other movements in Islamic nations called on the recreation of the Caliphate (Islamic Empire), the imposing of strict Shari Law (in the hopes of elimination western influences) and forced conversion or the restarting of the Dhimmi (taxes) on non-believers citizens of an Islamic Nation for their own protection. This movement was so powerful that talks to coordinate military power for mutual defense, create open borders among the Muslim nations and to create free-trade agreements to better serve the needs of the people all were being talked about. 

The Arab League in response to these movements granted the Arab Parliament greater powers. Each member nation quickly supports the change and Turkey (a non-Arab country) was invited to join. Turkey angry by the continued anti-religion movement and its decades-long inability to join the European Union, withdraws from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The technological know-how and access to advance weapon systems gave the Arab League a major boost in power. However efforts to further expand fail and the the Arab League and Turkey change its name to the Western Islamic Caliphate (WIC).

Iran however found itself in a Civil War shortly after the fall of America, intelligence leaked out seemed to suggest that former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his supporter had insiders provide a nuclear device to a terrorist group that destroyed Haifa, Israel in the hopes of starting ahsratu's-sa'ah or Judgment Day. When the Supreme Leader Ali Khomeini didn't attack Israel and America in self defense it foil their plan and they started a rebellion in the hopes of setting things right. The GSC quickly started a campaign of disinformation to prevent a return of America to any dominate position. They also secretly worked to ensure that Ahmadinejad and his Mahdism (Shia Muslim believer in the End Times) believer did not come to power, as president or as the Supreme Leader.

Grand Socialist Conspiracy Part II

The success of the GSC in removing the USA from the Security Council was a surprise to the GSC leaders. The drop in America's stature was enormous and an anti-American free-for-all seemed to be taking place. Many countries were boycotting American goods or raising tariffs on their imports in response to American boycotts and/or the further punish them for bombing Iran.

Much of the anti-American sentiments and boycotts were fueled by the GSC. Several addition events were secretly planned by the GSC. The most important and damaging of these plots were reducing oil shipments to the United States and to isolate American military might by working to reverse Americas military's "forward deployment strategy."

Oil shipments to the United States had already slowed as Venezuela (no friend of America and part of the GSC) started sending a larger share of  its oil to China, which had experience a drop in oil imports from Iran, which was now in a civil war. Europe had a dramatic oil shortage as most of the oil it imported was from the Middle East. As the Persian Gulf nations started an oil boycotted against Europe because of the anti-religious movements. Europe needed to replace those shortfalls.

The USA was suffering from oil shortage; as the Middle East reduced and limited what would be exported to America (and Europe, forcing the price of oil much higher) and the GSC members in Europe got further help from the newly elected Mexican Socialist President. Who an his first day as president, on December 1, 2018, called for an end to oil exports to the USA and to drop out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Mexico did this to protest America's closing of the border, which America did in response to the Haifa bombing and its loss of the UN Security Council Seat. Another reason Mexico cut trade was their perception (and mistaken belief) that Mexican-American were being mistreated.

Reducing oil shipment to America received the unlikely help from Canada which in 2018 provided nearly 65% of Americas imports (the rest came from Mexico, Africa and small amounts from from the Middle East). With Mexico's withdrawal from NAFTA and ending oil exports, events that further encouraged Canadians to stand-up to the USA and to start boycotting America and reduce its trade dependency on the USA.

The GSC members in Europe were able to exploit Turkey's withdrawal from NATO and called to have the United States expelled from NATO, this took place on March 15th, 2019. Turkey also worked with the newly formed WIC to remove both American and European forces from the Middle East . Australia and New Zealand followed suit by ending its security relations with the United States and broke up the ANZUS pact.  These events found America withdrawing forces from Europe, the south Pacific and stations in the India Ocean and Persian Gulf.

With the economic turmoil and withdrawing American, Pakistan saw a chance to gain an advantage over its rival India and organized a Central Asian Caliphate (CAC) its members included Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and it hoped that Iran would join when the Civil War Ended.

New Alliances and the New World Order

Start of war

The New World Order

The Western Islamic Caliphate and Central Asian Caliphate signed a non aggression pact in November of 2019. They also signed a series of trade, defense and oil deals. The two Caliphates both hoped that the agreement would spread Islam. They also decided that Pakistan should give up its nuclear weapons and both sides would share weapons technologies.

A seemingly less important Treaty was signed by Indonesia and Malaysia. The agreement largely created a single trading block and a unified defense force. It further signed non-aggression treaties with the Central Asia Caliphate and purchased three cruisers from China and several troop transports from Brazil.

Shortly after the ejection of the United States from NATO, all of Europe including Russia upgraded the European Defense Agency. The New European Defense Agency (NEDA) started by vastly increasing the defense budget of its members. With their combined economies and America cutting its defense budget, NEDA became the most powerful alliance by 2020. The spending on defense and oil from Russia, Canada and Mexico sparked an economic boom, and Europeanism became a powerful influence. Europeanism was started by the GSC, in the hopes of getting Europeans to realize that their socialist states could be a positive influence in the world after the decline of America.

With the creation the New European Defense Agency, the Latin American GSC nations now lead by socialists from Brazil and Mexico started to coordinate their military training and expand their naval forces. Hugo Chavez, Venezuela long time leader, Mexican president Jesús Ortega Martínez , and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the former president of Brazil, and still its most influential politician, started to plan the defense of the oil fields of Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela against possible American invasion. These increase efforts and training quickly spread to all the nations in Latin America, many who felt that a war was brewing and two hundred years of the American Monroe Doctrine was about to end.

The War Begins

North American Front

Road to war 

The decision by Canada to start sending its oil to Europe was a challenging one due to the close ties between the two nations. However with the election of Canada's new prime minister and her shifting the policies of Canada drastically to the left, America needed to learn to cope quickly with that change and the virtual total loss of all other outside fuel sources. The United States did this by opening up her vast Green River Formation, with its estimated 3 Trillion Barrels of shale oil. Though it is costly to start this process the cost per barrel at around $120, it is less than the $180 per barrel on the world market. And since the Dollar has lost favor on the world market it would cost America even more.

The United States had made deals with its foreign creditor especially China and had since 2018 made a major investment in its home oil development and had forced a balanced budget in Fiscal 2019. With so many boycotts going on and boycotts related violates no one wanted to be caught with non-Made-in-American goods this had lead to a major industrial and manufacturing renaissance throughout the United States.

Despite this (or perhaps because of it) the Canadians called on Europe to help build the pipeline and to help defend it. It would still be many years before the Green River oil would be producing at a level that would fully supply America with its oil and Canada feared America would invade and prevent the stoppage of the flow of oil. The European with their own oil shortage quickly agreed and Canada joined the New European Defense Agency (NEDA). German and Russian oil pipeline expert quickly moved equipment and personnel to Alberta, Canada, while British, French and Italian troops moved into Canada via aircraft.

It was the sudden arrival of Britain and German Armour in Halifax and Russian Armour in Vancouver both which started moving deep into Canada that started a major diplomatic incidence. Canada quickly claimed its right to self defense and called on the United Nations to back its move. With the GSC forces well-grounded in the UN, Canada, and Europe's moves were viewed as legal and legitimate. Over the spring and summer of 2019, over 500,000 troops moved into Canada joining up with the Canadian Armed Forces which had grown to 250,000 with another million in training.

This moves angered America and anti-Canadian/anti-European demonstration broke out throughout the country. The United States Government also quietly declared a State of Emergency and authorized the president to called up the reserves and federalized the National Guard and Coast Guard. It also for the first time allowed the Pentagon to called up the total Reserve components of the United States Armed Forces, totaling over two million which included all former military personnel including retirees up to age 60 years old. America now had some 5.5 million citizens in uniform, 1.200 million active, 1.8 million regular reserves, 550,000 Guardsmen, and Coast Guard , as well as two million other inactive reserves and retirees.

The activation of so many forces in the United States sent shock waves throughout Canada and Europe both of which further deployed more troops. Europe started to nationalize air carriers to speed up deployment. In Latin America, it was decided that when (and if) Europe conquered the United States that they would have too much power. So the Brazilian and other South American countries copied the European moves and started to fly troops into Mexico and Central American nations move troops by road into Mexico.

No More

When the United States realized that the South American and Mesoamerican had built a combined force of 2 million in Central Mexico and while still hundreds of miles away were viewed as a serious threat to the peace of North America. The United States demanded the end of all movement of troops into Canada and Mexico. These demands were ignored and the build up continued. On October 30, 2020, the United States Navy set up a naval blockade to stop movement of any more heavy equipment to Canada.

While Europe was able to concentrate in naval forces in the North Atlantic, the United States had to split its navy between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and send forces to the Caribbean to watch over the Gulf Coast, the Europeans decided NOT to engage the US navy, instead on November 15, the NEDA force of over 4 million invaded the USA and captured parts of the Keystone Pipeline in North Dakota and moved towards Boston so it could have a more southern port of entry.

The Forces in Mexico quickly headed North and crossed the border with nearly 2 million into Texas, Arizona and California. While these forces were inexperienced with so many concentrated into three movements the American were forced back. The Auto industry of both Mexico and Brazil had started building armored vehicles and aircraft several months earlier and while less impressive than American high-tech machines, they did the job. They also continued the fly 50,000 more troops per day northward.

Canada and Europe were angry with the Latin America, and had hope a one-on-one fight would get the Americans to settle on European terms. Many in Europe believed that Mexico would not give back gained land, that it had lost a century and a half earlier in the Mexican-American War, and that would delay the war's end. 

The Plan

The United States of America had not fought a war on its own soil since the War of 1812 and the American people were angry and continued to feel humiliated. With a two front war and both sides better prepared, the US looked for a strike against her enemies to pull the American people together. And on February 1st, 2021, after it stabilized both of the fronts, the United States put on a "show for the world." The United Nations Building in New York was evacuated, and demolitions were set through-out the building, and the United States blew it up.

Two American Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups lead by the carriers Gerard R. Ford and the Harry S. Truman travel southwards where they destroyed oil terminals in Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. They also destroyed the "lock system" in the Panama Canal, putting it out of commission. With the flow of oil from Latin America slowing to a trickle to both Europe and China, shortages quickly showed up. And America sent a strong message that she wasn't after their oil.

The final part of the plan was to try and start a war between the Western Islamic Caliphate (WIC) and civil war torn Iran in the hopes of further slowing the flow of oil. An American submarine entered into the Persian Gulf and sank a Saudi Royal family yacht with the loss of all hands. While it did start a diplomatic incident, it was announced by Yemen (part of the WIC) that it had spotted a Russian Vessel in the area. As no Royal Family member was killed and foreigners around, the incident was "buried".

However, Arabian oil did slow further "do to technical issues," America felt the mission a success. Iran however started to seek amends with the rebels. Though the government didn't admit to any weakness by not attacking Israel or America after the air strikes three years earlier, it did note that "the world was changing and war and the threat of war was everywhere." 

The United States also moved remodeled ballistic missile submarine under the Arctic Ice sheet and were able to set up an anti-aircraft "kill zone." The subs would break the ice and shoot down troop transports, then duck back under the ice. With each craft shoot down killing hundreds of troops, the Americans slowed down the movement of troops into the northern front. This gave the US time to fight back the invasion. The European and Latin American population base is combined over 1.4 billion compared to around 340 million in the USA and their economies combined are also larger by about 50%.

The United States kept the pressure on Latin America by using its Air force to penetrate every country and damage infrastructure and key industry. However the socialist did a magnificent job in using each attack to rally the people against the USA and strengthened their relationship with their neighbors, they were all increasingly confident that they would prevail over America.

European-China War

By late spring of 2021 the flow of oil out of the Middle East continued to be unreliable. The Muslim Brotherhood had spread its power base from Egypt which it had ruled since 2012 into several other smaller nations. However in May of 2021 they won the elections in Turkey and took control of the central government and in Early June a bloodless coup put the Brotherhood in control of Arabia. With much of the Western Islamic Caliphate (WIC) under an extreme form of Islam, the rest of the nations within the Caliphate were pressured into aligning their internal laws with that of the Caliphate.

The Caliphate set up its new Capital outside of Mecca and with all the countries in line, the future of the Caliphate and its relationship with the rest of the world was being decided. One early decision WIC made was to stop exporting oil to the non-Muslim world while it worked on its plans.

With war raging in North America between the United States and NEDA and the Latin American countries and its oil cut off, and the oil supply from the Middle East turned off, China found itself at the end what little supply was available. With the economy of China collapsing their is a lot of pressure to change leadership  from Xi Jinping, who has led China since 2012, to a younger and more military oriented leader. This happened in August of 2021, when Xi Jinping stepped down and General Mang Xi was made "special president" and Chairmen of the Communist Party. The politburo gave him broad power and he quietly called up the reserves and had the army and police round up protesters and crack down on dissidents. Once arrested and tried they were sent to re-education centers and then into the army.

As the North American war continued to be stalemated and its the first anniversary past; the Chinese saw an opportunity to capture the Russian oil fields in eastern Siberia and capture the attention of the Europeans. The Chinese hoped that the European would increase their output of oil from Russia and divert some Canadian oil to them. They also were suggesting a possible joint invasion of the Middle East and/or Alaska to reopen those oil fields. While the Chinese tried to kept causalities to a minimum, Russia launched a full counterattack with its younger and most inexperience troops, that unfortunately hit the best Chinese forces that also had numerical superiority, casualties quickly grow into the tens of thousands. However, well trained armies were already on the move.

The fighting in eastern Russia continued into the winter of 2021/22, the Chinese had made impressive gains and their ranks had swelled to an incredible 50 million, with over 12 million on the front at any time. The Russian and European armies massed several million soldiers of their own and countered attacked on several occasions. The experience of the European armies and its strong leadership and technological advantages all played a continuing role. The bulk of Chinese troops were now inexperienced and the Chinese had reverted to mass- wave warfare and simply sent wave after wave of young people to attack.

The Russian Sukhoi PAK FA  proved to be a much better fighter than the Chinese J-20 and the European variation of the F-35 also was better, NEDA was already in full war time production mode, which the Chinese had under-estimated, the Chinese did not believe that the Europeans (or the Americans) had a stomach for all out war and would soon seek a compromise especially if they reached the Ural Mountains. The Chinese hoped to swing southwestward into Iran and Iraq by this time and gain a new source of oil.

Fearful that the American may attack the Russian oil fields especially the newer ones in the Arctic Ocean still under Russian control and further weaken European oil sources. The Chinese tried to divert American power away from the Arctic they accomplished this by joining North Korean Forces in an all out invasion of South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.This would get the US navy to move to help their old allies giving the Chinese time to secure the oil fields for themselves.

The simultaneous invasion of four well defended countries was a challenge for the Chinese Navy and army, However in the spring of 2022 all four were invaded. These nations had all declared neutrality and each (mistakenly) believed that it would be respected. The Philippines fell after just two months of fighting it population poor and with little fuel for its planes and armored vehicles lost hope quickly; Taiwan was well prepared but without the USA coming in any big way to help it was overwhelmed the the size of the army from the mainland, and it, too, stood for just a few months; Japan, economically and technologically a great society, however fell quickly, its aging population and heavily urbanized population proved a weakness to her ability to fight and her leadership from Prime Minister down proved weak and incompetent. South Korea however had been planning for war for decades and stood like a rock for nearly the rest of 2022, the number of South Koreans that died surpassed 5 million or about 1 in 10 (10%) and left nearly as many North Korean and Chinese dead. It proved a very painful lesson for the Chinese to learn that some people still had the honor to fight to the end.

The heroics of the Korea people spread throughout the United States and gave them hope. In the ongoing Siege of Los Angeles the millions of citizens, which have been surrounded by the Latin Americans for over two years and have been fighting street by street got new inspiration to go on and fight the good fight. When the Mesoamericans continued to encourage Mexican-Americans to save themselves and join their side; the Mexican citizens of Los Angeles answers by sending a single word answer, in English, on a plain white piece of paper it said "Nuts."

Sub-Saharan Africa Invasion

The Western Islamic Caliphate (WIC) by late 2022 had pulled together the people under a single unified agenda for the first time in several centuries. While its people called for jihad against the west to get back at the anti- Muslim movements in Europe and centuries of domination over them, the leaders thought different.

It was in South Mecca (its new Capital City) that the new leaders decided that Europe was to well armed at this time and most Muslim had all ready fled. However they knew that the young and radicalized men, that they had created, needed an outlet to satisfy their desire to be martyred and at the same time spread Islam, which was the rallying cry to form the Caliphate in the first place.

With ongoing problems between Christians and Muslims along the Northern edge of the sub-Sahara region from Darfur region in the Sudan and the new country of South Sudan, to Mali (which had not so long ago (in January 2013) been bombed and invaded by France) to Nigeria which had seen thousands of Muslims and Christians die in the pass decade. Without the European to protect their former colonies and the Americans in a two front war and no more UN to send Peace Keepers, Africa was poor, corrupt, short on oil and ripe for conquest and conversion.

While Nigeria was not part of the WIC it is a Muslim majority nations with 110 million of its estimated  200 million people being Sunni Muslims. Jihadists from WIC started to infiltrate this country looking to increase their ranks and turn this country into  Muslim state and part of the WIC. With hundreds of thousands of young men joining the jihadists, violent uprisings took place. The Christians in the south fought back, however, for the first time the Northern Muslim received air support from a joint Turkish/Egyptian contingent. The Turks were flying 100 of their homemade TFX sixth generation fighters and the Egyptians brought 120 American made F-35s, the few Christian pilots that got off the ground didn't stand a chance and were brought down. The momentum that they got from the air support sent the Nigerian Muslims into an all out southward attack.

In May of 2023 the Christian south had been defeated and its success with NO outside interference inspired the WIC to fulfill its plans. Egypt, Ethiopia and the Sudan launch a full scale invasion with over 3 million troops southward along the Nile into the South Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya their attacks were supported by Egyptian barges along the Nile River.

While in the East Nigeria now a full member of the WIC launch more attacks southward along the coast as far south as Gabon, southeastward deep into the center of the continent to the Congo. Morocco, Algeria and other northern WIC countries invaded along the northern coastline into Senegal, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo and other near by nations. However all this attracted the attention of the southernmost nations lead by South Africa which joined with Botswana, Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.The force they put together paled in comparison (fewer than a million) to the growing armies of the WIC.

They hoped that their old European and American weapon systems would give them a tactical advantage but in reality the fighter planes and armored vehicles of the WIC were more than a match to the older and poorly maintained equipment of the southern alliance. The two armies met in Malawi and the southern forces were routed, even the best trained South African were easily out-maneuvered and defeated.  By late 2024 after two years of war and 60 million deaths (mostly from starvation) the last non-Muslim nation in Africa fell to the Caliphate. And life got very difficult for those that didn't or wouldn't convert.

Indian Ocean/Oceania War

In May of 2022 the Central Asian Caliphate (CAC) the Armies of Pakistan started to withdraw from the Kashmir region along the border of India. It is common for the two sides to move extra troops to this disputed area and then move them a few months later. However as the CAC was evaluating this years troop movements it was noted that India had sent far fewer heavy vehicles and almost no aircraft were displayed over the skies of Kashmir. It was quickly decided that the oil shortages must have reached a critical point in India, while their own supplies were plentiful and they had quick access to Iranian oil or other Middle Eastern supplies.

With the success of the Nigerian Uprisings, the CAC started to call on their own jihadist, especially the Taliban in Afghanistan, to plan to infiltrate Indian's 200 million Muslim community and plan for an all out invasion by the CAC. Over 15 million  troops throughout the CAC started to train for war. In Iran, Kazakhstan and Pakistan the largest industrial powers converted their industries to full war production and the population were rationed in every day items in preparation for war.

Their biggest concern to the CAC was Australia coming to the aid of India. Most of Australia's army was already in North America helping their British and Canadian allies, however, they could divert some fuel, heavy weapons and aircraft to help India in its needs. As Indonesia was very close to Australia and like many other countries had severe economic problems and a young radicalized population, the CAC and Indonesia signed a Treaty giving Oceania and southeast Asia to them and they would cut off any movement of assistance from any third party coming to help from the East.

In October of 2022, Australia was shocked when their country came under attack, the few ships on station (most were helping in the North Pacific) were bombed and either sunk or forced to withdraw. The land invasion occurred in Queensland and the local forces and population were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Indonesian Army over the next month 2 million soldiers moved onto the Australian continent backed by 5,000 tanks, 10,000 other armored vehicles, and 500 newly acquired JF-20 Pakistani-built fighters.

With the Indonesian beachhead secured and growing, India moved the bulk of her air assets southward and started to fly several hundred fighters to Australian air bases to support the defense of her ally. India also moved much of her navy including all three of her aircraft carrier to try and help Australia fend off the invasion force. These movement of Indian forces came as a surprise and were never even considered a possibility. It was agreed amongst the CAC and Indonesia, that the invasion of India would wait a month so any assets she would move would be completed, which would leave her very vulnerable to attack.

By late November, the Air Force of Iran had joined the other CAC air forces in Pakistan. The number of fighter exceeded three thousand, which was double that of India's air force, but with almost a thousand planes in Australia they were now out numbers six to one and were low on fuel. In Australia, India's numerical superiority was cancelled by the fact the Indonesia could fly almost continuously as they had no fuel shortages. When CAC finally did attack they first objectives was the fuel dumps throughout the India subcontinent.

The long range Pakistani and Iranian rocket attacks were devastating on the fuel depots and the Chinese built DF-21 anti ship missiles put the Indian aircraft carrier out of commission. With hundreds of shorties being flown against the Indian air force, India quickly lost Air supremacy over her own nation. The confusion of these attacks and loss of fuel left her Australian forces at a disadvantage and the Army of Australia started to collapse by December as Indonesian forces now almost 3 million entered the outskirts of Perth in the west, and Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne in the Southeast, Australia fell on December 27.

With the surrender of Australia, Indonesia renamed itself the Eastern Caliphate (EC), it was hoped by doing so it would be seen as equal to the other two Caliphates. However the EC was concerned throughout 2022, after China invasion of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and especially the Philippines which was so close to them and it posed no military threat to anyone, that China may invade Southeast Asia.  Because of this concern the EC leaders decided that a buffer zone between them and China would be beneficial under their direction. And its battle tested and hardened armies started to leave Australia, New Zealand  and other nations it had defeated and invaded Vietnam in the east and Thailand in the west. Both of these nations had built up their militarys in fear of China but as they were in the mist of a economic depression brought on by oil shortages and no market for its exports (though both bartered rice surpluses for oil) they quickly fell as EC forces flew in by the millions, all other nations not already under their control also were quickly subdued.

The land invasion against India had started on December 1st and was spearheaded by the Pakistani led CAC Revolutionary Guard, the guard was 1,000,000 strong and was made up of jihadist who had taken an oath to fight to the death and became martyrs, it was said even by the army that these young men all planned to die and to take at least 10 people with them. Behind them was the massed forces of the CAC and numbered over 12 million with several million others in reserve, Bangladesh agreed to invade in the East and with its entry into the war India was forced to resort to wave warfare in the hope of overwhelming the invaders. However the Revolutionary Guard welcomed such attacks and that is how they caused the collapse of the Indian Army, as India's young under-trained troops were thrown against fanatics and they were butchered and millions of others ran away. By the spring of 2023, India surrendered to the Central Asian Caliphate and the world on every continent, every nation was at war or already a casualty of World War Three, The Unification War.

Unification War

South vs North

The Chinese invasion had forced the New European Defense Agency (NEDA) to divert all western European forces  east into Siberia in the hopes of stopping the Chinese. This meant that relief for their forces in Canada and resupplies and spare parts were now slowing down to a trickle. The Europeans also moved some of their forces, over 1,000,000 troops and 2500 aircraft to support their armies of Siberia. It was also perhaps just dumb luck that the Chinese, after the Fall of South Korea, took a chance and invaded Alaska, in the hopes of further increase their access to oil.

Alaska had been cut off from the rest of the USA due to a NEDA blockade of the region, though the Americans traveled there freely in aircraft (with precautions), it had not been invaded. Canadians tried to negotiate a peaceful surrender and promised they could have self-determination, but the Alaskans didn't budge. After the Chinese conquest of the East Asian island nations, which they used a huge airborne force, the Chinese realized that these airborne units were perfect for the capture of the oil fields and to secure the pipeline. And the Australian naval forces had just left to try and help their own country.

While invading Alaska in the dead of winter under normal conditions was quite ludicrous; China took advantage of one of the warmest Alaskan winter on record. The mission was a totally successful and they secured the oil fields and pipeline without engaging the bulk of the American Alaskan Army; however they soon discovered that the Americans had capped most of the wells and had cut huge holes in the pipeline, in anticipation that they would be invaded. It would take years to repair the damage.

With the Chinese in place and securing their positions in Alaska (and starting to fix the pipelines), it was the Russian forces in Western Canada that turned north and entered into Alaska near the Arctic Circle to fight the Chinese in the Alaska North Slope Region were the oil field are located. The Europeans knew that any added oil supply to the Chinese would only hurt their comrades on the "front" back home. Since most of the conflict on the US northern front was taking place in the East where the American were fighting to push the Europeans off of USA territory; in the west, from the Pacific Coast to Western North Dakota, had been largely fought in the air with both sides receiving considerable damage, hundreds of miles north and south of the border.

The Spring Offense of 2023, code name South vs North, started on March 21 at 4:30am, EST and was designed to take full advantage of the turmoil that the Europeans were suffering in Russia and the reduction of Russian troops on the US-Canadian border.

No Mas..No Poco

Liberation of Africa

Destruction in the Middle East

Australia and beyond

Europe receives Payback

Fall of China




Prelude to War


  • A small nuclear bomb with 20 kiloton yield destroys the coastal city of Haifa, Israel on the 50th Anniversary of the 6 Day War.
  • Celebration erupts throughout much of the Islamic world. The governments, however, don't celebrate. They believe Iran did it and has destroyed any hope of peace in the region.
  • The anti-nuclear movement is rekindled in much of the world for the first time in decades; as anti-nuke demonstration are large and spontaneous.
  • Al Jazeera TV (Arab TV) has been showing "around the clock" doctored coverage of dead and hurt Jews and calling for Jihad.
  • Unknown forces "hack" into Al Jazeera broadcast and replace the doctored footage with a "live stream" of dead and injured Muslim men, women and children to the horror of most Islamic people.
  • The price of crude oil shatters the old price record of $160 USD per barrel raising rapidly $216 USD per barrel; the price was $99.47USD at the time of the explosion.
  • Russia proposes a new round of arms reduction talk to included all declared nuclear powers for the first time.
  • The United States, United Kingdom, France and China accepted; Pakistan declines as does India.
  • Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies.
  • With the world watching and under pressure for a quick and meaningful treaty the United States and Russia agree in principle to reduce their stockpile of nuclear weapons to 200 strategic warheads and 200 tactical warheads within 3 years.
  • The United Kingdom and France agree to combined their forces and create an united European nuclear force of 50 stategic warheads and 100 tactical warheads; China will reduce its long range nuclear arsenal to 20 ICBM and 100 tactical missile but will maintain their intermediate missile force at 75 until India agrees to reduce the number of warheads in their arsenal.
  • Internal strife between Iran's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and its current leadership starts to further effect the price of oil; many believe the disagreement is due to the use of a nuclear weapon against Israel.