There was a man, living in the 2000, born in 1981. He was suicidal once, but then became interested by immortality. He decided to enroll for cryonics. Then the organisation shipped to a world where nobody were able to die. This man was sick to live, he tryed to die by all manners, accidental, murdered, crash, suicide, mutilation, going in the sun.. he was unable to die! Nobody gave him this chance to die. The political system obliged him to never die, to live forever because of his contracts he made earlier in his life. An advanced AI was there just for him to protect him from death, from suicide, his brain was made of a very stiff material so any crash would not hurt him. No gun bullets were able to destroy him, his brain. Because of his contract, he was set to always be revived, later he was set to never be bored or be sad.

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