Communist party of the worlds by wilji1090-d57p918

Foreign Relations Flag

The Ultimate American Empire shares relations with a very select group of nations, and leaders.

Current Relations

The UAE shares relations with 106 nations currently. The most important ones are:

-North Korea (Started in 2037)

-Cuba (Started in 2039)

-Iran (Started in 2040)

-Venezuela (Started in 2040)

-Syria (Started in 2037)

-Great Britain (Strained since 2036)

-France (Strained since 2037)



-Japan (Strained since 2037)

-South Korea (Strained since 2037)



-Israel (Strained since 2036)

Former Relations

The following nations have cut relations to the Ultimate American Empire:

-Canada (Cut in 2035)

-Mexico (Cut in 2036)

-Germany (Cut in 2036)

-Italy (Cut in 2038)

-Greece (Cut in 2039)

Personal Relations

Former Emperor Captain America the 1st had personal relations with Kim Jong-Un(NK), Abdul-Sahid(SY), and Castro(CU). Current Emperor Captain America the 2nd has carried on the relations of his father.

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