Ultimate American Empire Flag. Adopted 2036.

The UAE or (Ultimate American Empire) Was established by the 48th President of the United States of America. It contains all former 51 States, and U.S. Islands. Borders Canada, and Mexico. Its current Emperor is Captain America the 2nd. The capital is Washington D.C., and its largest city is also Washington D.C. with two million citizens. Its official language is English as dated by its constitution. The people are known as American, and its government is a Marxism-Leninism Communist Republic. It is the successor of the United States. Its area is 9,826,675 km2. The population is about 145 million. The currency is the Ultimate Dollar, and the official motto is "Under the Emperor we prosper" 
Government Positions
Position Person Year Started Info
Eternal Emperor of America Emperor Captain America the 1st 2051 Created so CA1 was always part of the government.
Emperor Emperor Captain America the 2nd 2051 Ruler of the UAE.
Vice President (Emperor) The Great Batman 2036 A figure head most likely to replace the Emperor if he dies.
The High Advisor The Almighty Blackwidow 2036 Takes all responsibilities that the Emperor cannot handle.
Supreme General of the Communist People of the American Army Franco Dictato 2035 Controls all of the CPAA.
Premier of the Ultimate American Empire Parliament Deadly Titan 2036 Leads the UAE Parliament.
Premier of the Ultimate American Empire Supreme Court The Joker 2036 Leads the UAE Supreme Court.


The name was taken from the United States of America, and transferred into the Ultimate American Empire. Many aspects still remain the same as it did before the UAE. Captain America the 1st claims the name comes from his name.

It is also called the UAE, the Empire, or simply America.

Language, and Religion

The Official language is English. Spanish is spoken by nearly 18 million, French is spoken by 9 million, and Chinese is spoken by 4.5 million.

Arabic is a growing language in the east coast since relations with Iran opened up, and Korean is a growing language in Alaska, because of the North Korean prisoners sent the by Kim Jong-Un. The only language that has almost disappeared is Hawaiian in Hawaii since the creation of the Chinese colonies.

Even though it is not stated Americans are allowed to practice their own Religion. In 2050 91% of Americans identified themselves as Christian, the largest groups being Roman Catholic(58%), Baptist(32%), and Methodist(6%). 7% identified themselves as Jewish, while less than 2% were categorized as other.

Religion is permitted to be taught as long as it doesn't insult the UAE, or CA1.


There is a recorded number of 145 million in 2050. 76% White, 12% Black, 9% Mexican or Other Hispanic Race, 2% Asian, and 1% Other. Immigration in the UAE is very low an estimated 20,000+ a year. Mainly Korean, and Iranian immigrants. Emigration is nonexistent since 2045.

Immigrant Population
Country of Origin Number since 2035 Average Arrival
Iran 1,000,040 986
China 1,980,079 5,981
Cuba 470,000 590
North Korea 1,800,000 1,000
Venezuela 4,005,955 5,450
Syria 904,005 390
Great Britain 2,006,003 1,004
Russia 2,094,021



The UAE has very few cities reaching over 500,000 here is a list:

Most Populous Cities
City Population Yearly Population Change
Washington D.C. 2,005,097 +59,002
Boston 2,000,987 +1,300
Houston 1,840,966 +30,980
Phoenix 1,780,940 -4,930
Anchorage 1,580,750 +250
Salt Lake City 1,002,984 -45,359
New York City 890,600 +3,452
Chicago 760,005 +30,221
St. Louis 758,407 +70,940
Seattle 560,904 -40,998
Atlanta 502,006 +920

Beginnings 2016-2045

In the 2016 Presidential Election Hillary Clinton won the Presidency, she led an unprecedented rise of popularity. In 2020 She was reelected with all but one State. Her V.P Succeeded her he was very unpopular which led to Paul Ryan winning the election in 2028. In 2031 with the election coming up Paul Ryan was campaigning a newcomer sprang up; Lloyd Wilson. He surprisingly won the Republican ticket, and went to win the Presidency. In the first few months of 2033 Wilson gained much popularity among the people. Wilson was given unlimited power, and on July 16th 2034 Wilson banned all political parties. Many were outraged, but it was able to pass. A week later he disbanded the Senate, and Congress. In December He Disbanded the Supreme Court giving him all the power.
He named himself Emperor Captain America the 1st . People soon revolted. CA sent his troops on the American public. In 2035 began a Great Purge of everybody. In late 2044 the purge ended with the population going from 324M to 143M. CA1 renamed the USA into the UAE, and took everything under his control. He appointed his VP as "The Great Batman", and his Advisor "The Almighty Blackwidow".
Captain America forced a complete makeover of American politics, and culture to fit his taste.

Present 2046-And Onward

Captain America the 1st died on 8-25-2051 by Cancer. His son Captain America the 2nd became the second, and current Emperor. The UAE has some relations with other nations, but not as many as the U.S. had.

= Environmental Issues

Environmental issues are not very important in the UAE agenda, but is a serious concern for its citizens. 

The most important issue is the damage from the Great Purge, and the effect it has had on the climate in places like Florida, and New York. Also how the enormous amount of blood spilled from the fighting. Plus the decay from the deserted buildings that was left behind after the migration from the cities to more rural areas.

Another concern is the effect that the North Korean labor camps in Alaska, and the Chinese settlements in Hawaii have damaged the surrounding areas. How the Korean prisoners have to dig ditches, and build useless monuments dedicated to Captain America the 1st, and Kim Jong-Un.

Then there's the UAE oil fields in Alaska, and the fast expansion of them.

Government Finance

The Ultimate American Empire spends on average 2.5 trillion dollars. Up to 700 billion dollars go towards the CPAA for training, and its expansion. 1 trillion is spent on rebuilding the UAE every year since the end of the Great Purge. 450 billion is spent on interest, and the rest is spent on a wide variety of things.

The Ultimate American Empire takes in an income of 2.6-3 trillion annually. Most of it from its oil (77%), but some also comes from tourism(18%). The UAE does not tax its citizens. It uses its extra income to pay off its enormous debt.

The main source of income for the UAE is oil, then tourism.


The UAE is in debt 27 trillion in 2050 down from 35 trillion in 2036. The UAE uses almost all of its extra income to pay off its debt to countries. It owes China 15 trillion, Cuba 3 trillion, Canada 5 trillion, and Mexico 2.5 trillion.

The UAE has paid off its debt to North Korea by letting it use part of Alaska as its prison. It has also paid off some of its debt to China by letting them create settlements in Hawaii.


There is almost no poverty in the UAE, as many poor people were eliminated in the Great Purge. When a person in the UAE goes bankrupt they are immediately placed inside a help center where they have one year to get on there feet or be forced to move to Cuba, or North Korea as a prisoner.

Culture and Lifestyle

The UAE takes most of its culture after the United States. But lately it has been expanding off the tattered remains of what is known as the United States. Life in the UAE is well known for being a step down from total Communism. Its people live in small settlements, except for a few major cities.
No one complains about life in the UAE. Women, and men are held to an equal standard unlike other Communist like countries. It is a heavily Christian country except for a few pockets of Jews, and Muslims. The Captain Americas' are held up to a very high standard. Free speech is allowed, but not practiced ever since the Great Purge. The UAE culture is compared to the U.S.'s in the 1950's.


In the eve of 2035 when Wilson was in total control of the USA, and the purge was starting he started to construct how the government would end up like after the purge. He chose Communism to be the Government, because he could exercise total control over everything. He soon modeled his new country after Hugo Chavez's Venesuela, and Kim Jong-Un's North Korea.
Captain America the 1st was reported to have a copy of Lenin's books, as well as Stalin's, and Karl Marx's. He was known as the second Stalin. He took College classes about Russian Communism, which he ended up taking ideas from to implant them in the UAE constitution.


The UAE Government is Communist ever since the Great Purge in the late 30's to early 40's. Its current constitution was drafted, and signed by the Last 10 in 2035. It consists of 3 parts the Emperor, the Supreme Court, and the Parliament. The Parliament is 50 people from around the country hand picked by the leader, and debates on domestic issues nationwide. The Supreme Court is made up of nine people voted in by the Parliament.
The UAE has elections every 10 years, and one special case in 1951 to elect the new Emperor after Captain America's death. To be eligible to vote one must be 25, and pay a $10,000 fee. Because of these conditions the elections usually attracts about 10 million votes. Only three elections have been held. (2035, 2045, and 2051) The election is decided like the U.S elections with an electoral vote instead of the popular vote.
The Emperor's cabinet has a few members all picked by the Captain. It only has five members. The Great Batman, The Almighty Blackwidow, Deadly Titan, Franco Dictato, and The Joker. The Capital is located in Washington D.C., and its currency is the American Dollar, except that it's been modified to show Captain American I, and II, and all five cabinet members faces.
Anyone can run for any office in the UAE, but since 2034 there have been no political parties making it hard for many to keep their positions. Captain America I is the only elected official not to lose any of his elections since 2034. The government is widely feared throughout the country for its huge participation in the Great Purge. Even though Captain America was the one mainly responsible for it he has been elected, and reelected for the reasons of people are too scared to vote against, and that many of his supporters, were given sums of money, and his supporters use the money to vote for him.


The American Empire's military is the Communist People of the American Army or CPAA.
They are responsible for the deaths in the Great Purge. The only action they have seen is in the Great Purge, and for a very short time in Cuba. The CPAA is led by General Dictato. It was also led by General Bryan before his assassination in 1943. 
The current military population is 3,506,000, the second largest in the world behind China. The military is very highly regarded in the UAE. They have a holiday to honor them on December 29th, the day they were formed in 2034.
There was a supposed draft by Parliament member Reed Washington of Florida, but it lost with a vote of 29-21.

Election History


Red-Wilson Blue-Robinson

Lloyd Wilson won the 2032 U.S 
presidency with an electoral vote of 279 to 259, and a popular vote of 76,332,041 to Democrat challenger Dodge Robinson New York Mayor's 74,030,002. Many of the Latinos, and blacks were attracted to Wilson, as many upper class were attracted to Robinson's tax proposals.


Red-Captain America Blue-Ford

Captain America ran again in the 2035 Emperor election. His challenger was Henry Ford, the leader of the American rights' coalition. America won with an electoral vote of 402 to 136, and a popular vote of 7,200,045 to Ford's 2,506,007. The issues of the day was The Great Purge, the economy, the changing government, and state's rights. 


Red-America Blue-Slavinki

Captain America ran again in the 2045 Emperor election. His challenger was Greg Slavinki, political activist. America won with an electoral vote of 278 to 256, and a popular vote of 6,432,003 to Slavinki's 5,335,760. It was the closest election to date with Captain America I participating. Many were in uproar to the result claiming the vote fee unfair. But with the Purge still on their minds the citizens didn't protest. The issues were state's rights, foreign relations, religion, and the post-Great Purge results.

Red-Captain America II Blue-Dictato

The latest election was in 2051. It was a special election held one week after Captain America's death. It was Captain America II, and Captain America I's General Dictato who participated. Captain America won with an electoral vote of 272 to Dictato's 266. CA2's popular vote was 7,200,304 to Dictato's 8,400,607. It is the only Emperor's election to have the loser win the popular vote. Once again there was an uproar, but Dictato gracefully conceded the race saying he respected how his late leader would have wanted it to turn out. The issues were the late leader, CA2, and everything else was the same as the last election.

Local Enforcement

Many major settlements, or cities are guarded, and watched by the CPAA. Washington D.C. is the only city's local enforcement is run by the CPAA. Instead it is run by a small military unit that is simply called the "27th Section".

The other more rural towns, and small cities creates small town run police. Many police forces have 100 to 15000. Many police are ex-CPAA, or CPAA supporters.

The North Korean prison camps in Alaska are guarded by North Korean military. The Chinese Hawaiian settlements are guarded by Chinese military.


The UAE transportation is dominated by automobiles. Each family is issued a standard 4 door car every ten years replacing the families' older version. Families may also buy other cars. Bikes are a small part of transportation mainly used in the larger cities such as D.C., or Houston. 

UAE highways are still being repaired after the Great Purge. Mass transportation is only found in cities. Mainly consisting of trains, or buses. There is a recorded number of 796 cars per 1000 people.


The UAE has the world's largest crude oil, and natural gas reserves. It is the 18th largest producer of oil. It uses very little of its own oil.

The UAE closed down all Nuclear power plants after the Great Purge citing that they were no longer needed to supply power. Coal is the second largest source of energy in the UAE, third being hydro power.


All citizens are required to go to school from ages 5-17, and are allowed to finish school at age 19. There are collages  Math, Science, History, and Language Arts are the required courses.

Home Schooling is allowed, but must not be organized, or consist of more than the families youth.

The pre Great Purge is a very touchy subject it is taught, but is not put into great detail.


The UAE expanded on NASA, and has since launched 2 space missions carrying 6 people to the moon. The UAE has worked closely with North Korea, and China to launch a UAE-Asiana space station.

There was a brain drain in the UAE during the Great Purge. It took over 8 years to convince many of them to come back to UAE.

Popular Media

T.V., and Radio is heavily influenced by the Emperor. The internet is censored, and useless information is deleted, and impossible to access in the UAE.

Many activist groups have tried to recall the censorship, but the UAEP refused to vote on it.

Much of the popular media in the UAE is positive about the UAE, and its Emperors.

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