Constituent Kingdom of Ulster
 The Constituent Kingdom of Ulster (Known as Northern Ireland) was a British Constituent Country that was located on the Island of Erie. It was established in 2017, when the Process of Devolution was completed.

Future HistoryEdit


In 2019, the Devolution Process was officially completed as Northern Ireland became one of the four Constituent Kingdoms in Great Britain. The Northern Irish demanded more autonomy than any other UK province and even became self-governing in its own right. The Union was on the verge of collapse as Britain began intense negotiations with Scotland to reform the Government.

Desire for ReunificationEdit

Growing consensus was that a Union with Ireland was necessary. In 2022, the Irish National Congress began pressing hard for the Reunification of Ireland. The Government was seen as an instrument of British Imperialism, which was not well received in Britain.

In 2023, the INC gained seats in the Ulster Parliament and began the process of breaking away from Britain. They changed the flag in 2024 and demanded a referendum in 2025.

Winning over Public Support was not easy. The Ulster Loyalist Party (ULP), a combination of several political parties, said that independence would reunify them with a people destined to hate them. The Religious feud between the Protestants and Roman Catholics caused a great deal of civil fighting. In January of 2024, only 10% of citizens supported reunification. That number grew due to the increasing amount of support "Irish Unity."

A weak prior to the referendum, Polls showed that only 45% of Ulster citizens supported Reunification. The ULP was confident in its victory and prepared to resume its duties as separate political movements

On the Eve of the Referendum, Irish citizens pleaded with the North, saying that their religious differences did not matter. The subsequent support and speech fueled the INC and 65% of Ulster Citizens Voted for Reunification.

2026 Declaration of IndependenceEdit

In 2026, Ulster declared its independence and was annexed by Ireland two weeks later, with the seven Counties and Belfast Each Gaining Local Governments.

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