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Ukrainian presidential election, 2030
August 3rd, 2035
Turnout Increase 25%
VyacheslavKyrylenko BohdanHrytsenko
Nominee Vyacheslav Kyrylenko Bohdan Hrytsenko
Party People's Front Communist Party
Home state Kiev Zaporizhia
Popular vote 18,092,707 18,092,706
Percentage 49.998% 49.957%
President before election
Liliya Hrynevych
People's Front
Elected President
Vyacheslav Kyrylenko
People's Front
The Ukrainian presidential election of 2035 took place on August 3rd, 2035 to decide who would succeed the incumbent president, Liliya Hrynevych. Incumbent president Liliya Hrynevych could have run for re-election, but decided not to citing health reasons. This election resulted in the closest in history, with the Communist Party's candidate Bohdan Hrytsenko losing only by 1 vote to Prime Minister Kyrylenko. After 15 recounts across the country, Kyrylenko was declared president and assumed the powers that day. The total vote count was 36,185,416 from the previous election, the major increase was due to the annexation of Moldova and parts of Romania.