2014 Ukrainian coup


Growing corruption within the fascist government

Ukrainian Civil War

March 12, 2015


Flag of UkraineUkraine


Dissolution of the fascist government in Kiev


Ukrainian Insurgent Army flagRight Sector
Ukrainian police emblemMinistry of Internal Affairs

Ukrainian Armed Forces flagUkrainian Armed Forces

Flag of CrimeaRepublic of the Crimea
Supported by
Flag of RussiaRussian Federation


Ukrainian Insurgent Army flagAlexander Muchyzhko†
Ukrainian Insurgent Army flagYuri Osipenko
Ukrainian Insurgent Army flagVolodymir Solenko
Ukrainian Insurgent Army flagVladimir Tsvyl†
Ukrainian police emblemMark Rahimov

Ukrainian Ground Forces emblemVladimir Levchenko
Ukrainian Ground Forces emblemMiroslav Zhylunov
Ukrainian Ground Forces emblemEgor Kyzyma
Ukrainian Navy emblemNikolai Tsanev
Ukrainian Navy emblemAlexander Aristov
Ukrainian Air Force emblemSergei Nazarchuk
Flag of RussiaIgor Andropov








The Ukrainian Civil War (Ukrainian: Украінская гражданская воїна, Russian: Украинская гражданская война) was a conflict that broke out in Ukraine on 12 March 2015, following mass protests against the fascist government that came to power during the 2014 Ukrainian coup. Russia intervened, siding with the protestors and much of the Ukrainian military. At first, Russian forces took control of the Crimea, with little resistance, mainly from Crimean Tatars. In Eastern Ukraine, several units of the Ukrainian Ground Forces and Air Force attacked Right Sector (the ruling party of the government) militia barracks. The Russian forces then began moving northwards to support them.