Ukrainian Civil War


Date 27 January 2038 – present
Location Ukraine, Moldova, and northern Romanian regions
Result Ongoing
CommunistUkraineFlag Ukrainian Communist Movement

Supported by:
CommuistFlagofMacedonia People's Republic of Macedonia (since 2039)

Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian Government
  • Ensign of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Ukrainian Armed Forces

Supported by:
Flag of the German Empire German Empire (since 2037)[1]

Other Combatants:

UkrainianSeparatistsFlag Novorossiya

Flag of Romania Romanian separatists
Flag of Moldova Moldovan separatists

Supported by:
Flag of Romania Romania (since 2041)[2]

Commanders and leaders
CommunistUkraineFlag Bohdan Hrytsenko
CommunistUkraineFlag Anton Vorshevsky
CommunistUkraineFlag Vasyl Teckroseski
CommuistFlagofMacedonia Alejandra Kokinos
CommuistFlagofMacedonia Rektro Himenfrein
Flag of Ukraine Oleksandr Raevsky
Flag of Ukraine Vlad Basara (2037-2038)
Flag of the German EmpireGustav Adolphus von Moyland

The Ukrainian Civil War is a conflict that began in 2038 in Ukraine, towards the end of World War III.


  1. After multiple uprisings occurred after the shooting of President Kyrylenko in 2037, the German Empire sent soldiers in to help press down the rebellion. When the full war broke out, Germany began fighting for the Armed Forces
  2. After a nationalist coup occurred in Romania and a new leader took over, the new Romanian government declared war to liberate the regions it lost earlier during the Romanian-Ukrainian War.

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