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Ukrainian Civil War
Date July 3, 2014 - ?, 2016 (2 years)
Location Mostly Eastern part of Ukraine
  • Peace Treaty in Donetsk
  • No clear victor
  • Return of Russian as official language in Ukraine
  • Transform Ukraine as federal state
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Logistical support only

  • Flag of NATO NATO
    • Flag of the United States United States
    • Flag of Canada Canada
    • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
    • Flag of France France
    • Flag of Germany Germany
    • Flag of Denmark Denmark
    • Flag of Poland Poland
    • and others

Diplomatic support and Opposition to NATO intervtion only

  • SEATO = Southeast Asian Treaty Organization
    • Flag of the Philippines Philippines
    • Flag of Thailand Thailand
    • Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
    • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
    • Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
    • Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
    • Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
    • Flag of Bolivia Bolivia
    • and others
Russia and allies
  • Flag of Russia Russia

Logistical support only

  • Flag of Sudan Sudan