Ukrainian Campaign
Part of World War III
Date July 28, 2014 - November 3, 2018

(4 Years, 3 Months, 6 Days)

Location Ukraine
Result Ukraine victory 2014

Eastern Coalition victory 2015 Temporary occupation of the Ukraine Allied & Ukraine victory 2018

Eastern Coalition

2000px-Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan (2015-2018)
Flag of China China (2015-2018)


Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine
Flag of Japan.svg Japan (2015-2018)
2000px-Flag of the United States (Current).svg United States of America (2015-2018)
European-union-flag-m European Union (2014-17)

2000px-Flag of Russia.svg Oleg Pajari

2000px-Flag of Russia.svgLeonty Pavlov
2000px-Flag of Russia.svgKonstantin Lagounov
Flag of Pakistan.svgAyamin Ajan
Flag of ChinaZan Wang
Flag of ChinaTai Liu

Flag of Ukraine.svgFedir Kohut

Flag of Ukraine.svgDemyan Schewtz
Flag of Ukraine.svgBohdan Wasylynshyn
2000px-Flag of the United States (Current).svgLane Lovel
2000px-Flag of the United States (Current).svgLawrence Devin
Flag of Japan.svgIchirou Hayashi

2000px-Flag of Russia.svg 924,000

Flag of Pakistan.svg74,000
Flag of China 24,000

Flag of Ukraine.svg840,200

2000px-Flag of the United States (Current).svg67,200
Flag of Japan.svg21,800