California is the second most populous state in the union as it has been for a long time. It is home to the Googleplex as well as the headquarters for Apple and the american film industry. Its large population can be attributed to its lenient immigration policies.

History Edit

Independence and Statehood: Edit

California became independent from Mexican rule in 1846. From June 14 until July 9, California was an independent nation, being one of the two only states to have ever been independent.

Gold Rush: Edit

California first gained prominence in the union when vast deposits of gold were discovered in 1848. From 1849 to 1855, many people flocked over to the state to find gold. Although almost every person who came to look for gold used up resources to get there, only a few people struck rich. However, the rush led to the increase in jobs providing for the miners. Shady activities such as gambling and prostitution also saw a sharp increase

Other Early History: Edit

California, over time became the most populous state. In the early 20th century, Hollywood became home of the american film industry.

21st Century: Edit

Google and apple only grew in prominence when robotics became widespread. In the early 21st century, California signed the national popular vote. In the mid 21st century, Texas overtook California in population.

Economy Edit

A century ago, prices were quite high, including houses, water, and with the rise of minimum wage, pretty much everything. This is largely a thing of the past for individual reasons. Technological advances have allowed houses to be built much closer together (walls are adjustable), desalination has provided the state with more than enough water, and most minimum wage jobs are now filled in by robotics.

Infrastructure Edit

In 2020, the San Francisco Transbay redevelopment was completed. This plan included a new transit center, a few highrises, and the Salesforce tower which has a roof height of 970 feet (300 m).

Buildings are much taller in LA and SF today than a century ago largely because vactrains have replaced airplanes as the fastest method of transportation.

Government Edit

The government of California is structured similarly to the other 49 states

Political Issues: Edit

Many cities in California are under surveillance by cameras capable of facial recognition. While this makes the state one of the lowest crime rates in America, opponents are concerned about privacy.