Most Vaults in the USA closed on January 14th 2017, the day of the war. Several were closed on the 10th January 2017 due to fears of war, and Two were closed on November 14th 2016.

To Function as advertised (TFA)

The Vaults


Close   date

Open date

No. of residents  location   use      purpose Purpose status
Vault 1 1st January  2150 1,000 Firestone Scout Reservation, LA, California For survivalists Repopulate the world with self sufficiant survivors
Vault 2 10th May 2078 1,000 San Pedro, LA.California TFA Failed: Set on fire by arsonist. 897 die.103 forced to leave into the wastes.
Vault 3 30th February 2600 400 Hollywood Hills, LA, California For Celebrities To test  gradual over exposure of chemicals on human behaviour 
Vault 4 7th September 2110 1,000 Bakersfield, California

To create a race of super soldiers

Vault 5 5th October 2211 800 Bayview, San Francisco, California Technology invetors (50%) Far Left extremists (50%) To create a Liberal society and examine social interactions
Vault 6 25th January 2222 1,000 Santee, San Diego, California To create a extreamly ethnicly diverse population and examine  social interactions between them
Vault 7


8,000 (cap.)

Silver Spring, Washington DC For Politicians To govern the USA 
Vault 8 1,000 Bethesda, Washington DC. For State Senators TFA
Vault 9 800 Henrico, Richmond, Virginia To try and force 400 stereotypical Rednecks to become the opposite and vice versa
Vault 10 1,000 Towson, Baltimore, Maryland TFA
Vault 11 1,000 Glendale, Milwaukee, Illinois TFA
Vault 12 1,000 Oak Lawn, Chicago, Illinois All residents are highly suicidal FAILED:Mass suicide pact leave 614 dead and the rest are murdered for not participating
Vault 13 1,000 West Ridge, Chicago, Illinois For Engineers TFA
Vault 14 1,000 Naperville, Chicago, Illinois To create Chemical resistant humans
Vault 15 1,000 East St Louis, St Louis, Illinois To create a race of privillaged spoilt humans and observe the effects of them being thrown into survival situations
Vault 16 1,000 MontLake, Seattle, Washington TFA
Vault 17 500 Dishman, Spokane, Washington TFA
Vault 18 1,000 Abbott Lopp, Anchorage, Alaska

For hunters/ survivalists and civillians

To create a self sufficant survivalist minded race of humans
Vault 19 1,000 Lower Manhattan, New York Deprive the residents of all human rights Failed: Wall punctured by falling skyscraper and all residents die or become mutants
Vault 20 5,000 Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York To encourage residents to kill each other and observe the effects
Vault 21 1,000 Tremont, Bronx, New York 50% Male 50% female but all residents are gay
Vault 22 1,000 Harlem, New York for professional dancers. TFA Failed: Door never closed and it flooded. (water has since gone)
Vaut 23 500 New Scotland, Albany, New York TFA
Vault 24 500 Kenmore, Buffalo, New York Residents subjected to tourture daily
Vault 25 500 Brighton,    Rochester,           New York TFA
Vault 26 6,000 Malden, Boston, Massachusetts For Scientists To create a Scientific society
Vault 27 500 Brookline, Boston, Massachusetts For M.I.T teachers, scientists and students To build robots
Vault 28 1,000 Waltham,Boston, Massachusetts Residents subjected to small doses of radiation each week.
Vault 29 1,000 New Bedford,   Boston,               Massachustts Super Soldiers
Vault 30 1,000 Cambridge,Boston,     Massachusetts Creation of super weapons
Vault 31 1,000 Arlington,Jacksonville,  Florida Genetic experiments
Vault 32 1,000 Oak Ridge,Orlando  ,Florida TFA
Vault 33 1,000 Doral,Miami,      Florida For sports people To create a health obsessed society
Vault 34 8,000 Fort Worth, Texas For soldiers To create a harsh military super soldier society where the weak, elderly or disabled are publicly killed by their family 
Vault 35 1,000 Dallas, Texas TFA
Vault 36 2,000 Plano, Texas To create a Cult that worships the Vault and examine the effects
Vault 37 1,000 Southeast,Houston, Texas TFA
Vault 38 1,000 Houston,Texas TFA
Vault 39 1,000 San Antonio,Texas For Far Right extreamists To create a society of Conservatives and examine social interactions.
Vault 40 2,000 Austin,Texas TFA
Vault 41 2,000 Amarillo,Texas TFA
Vault 42 1,000 Lubbock,Texas TFA
Vault 43 1,000 Sun Valley,Reno       Nevada

For drug users

To create a society where each child is born addicted.
Vault 44 1,000 Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

To create a society of Risk Takers 

Vault 45 1,000 East Denver, Denver, Colorado To create a society with free access to any type of drugs.
Vault 46 1,000 Downtown Denver, Colorado TFA
Vault 47 1,000 Southeast Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, Colorado To create a mining society
Vault 48 1,000 Columbus, Ohio TFA
Vault 49 1,000 Cincinatti,Ohio TFA
Vault 50

3,000        (1,000        Cap.)

Dayton,Ohio To populate three times the capacity
Vault 51 1,000 Youngstown,Ohio TFA
Vault 52 1,000 Cleveland,Ohio TFA
Vault 53 1,000 Akron,Ohio TFA
Vault 54 1,000 Toledo,Ohio TFA
Vault 55 1,000 St. George, Utah 95% fundamentalist Mormon or Christian. 3%Atheist 2%Pagan (Wicca)
Vault 56 1,000 Provo,Utah Genetic Experiments
Vault 57 10,000 Salt Lake City, Utah No Food producing and only enough for six months in storage. Residents resorted to cannibalism, established a systemn where enough people were being born to be consumed and enough to provide future generations.
Vault 58 2,000 Warren,Detroit,     Michigan Factory Vault
Vault 59 800 Dearborn,Detroit, Michigan ten billionaires and everyone else below poverty line

The billionaires were publicly murdered

Vault 60 1,000 Southgate,Detroit,       Michigan TFA
Vault 61 3,000 Plymouth Charter Township, Detroit, Michigan populated by Convicts and psychopaths (60%) gang members (20%) and ordinary people (20%) Mass murders become common, 343 normal residents inject deadly gas into the air vents before fleeing to a abandoned military shelter in London Canada of which only 20 make it.
Vault 62 5,000 Kentwoods, Grand Rapids, Michigan Contained Experimental Forced Evolution 
Vault 63 500 Missoula, Montana TFA
Vault 64 March 16th 2017 6,000 Downtown Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia  No living quarters 2,000 die from sleep deprevation before the Vault door is forced open. 1000 escape to nearby mountains and the rest die of radiation.