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US Senate Elections, 2012
33 of the 100 seats, 51 seats needed for the majority
November 6, 2012
First party Second party
220px-Harry Reid official portrait 2009 McConnell
Leader Harry Reid Mitch McConnell
Party Democratic Republican
Last election (51+2) 53 47
Seats won (53+2) 55 45
Seat change +2 -2
Majority Leader before election
Harry Reid
Resulting Majority Leader
Harry Reid

The 2012 Senate elections occurred during the 2012 general re-election of President Barack Obama against challenger Mitt Romney. There were many vulnerable Democrats up for re-election in states where their party had done very poorly in 2010's tea-party fervor. However because of high turnout for the presidential ticket and the abysmally poor quality of Republican senate candidates, the Democrats instead ended up increasing their senate majority.



     Republican gain      Republican hold      Democratic gain      Democratic hold      Independent gain      Independent hold

Winning candidate in bold

State Incumbent Party Result Candidates
Arizona Jon Kyl Republican Retired, Republican hold Jeff Flake (Republican)
Richard Carmona (Democratic)
Michael F. Meyer (Independent)
Marc Victor (Libertarian)
California Dianne Feinstein Democratic Incumbent re-elected Elizabeth Emken (Republican)
Connecticut Joe Lieberman Connecticut for Lieberman Retired, Democratic gain Chris Murphy (Democratic)
Linda McMahon (Republican)
Delaware Tom Carper Democratic Incumbent re-elected Kevin Wade (Republican)
Alex Pires (Independent)
Florida Bill Nelson Democratic Incumbent re-elected Connie Mack IV (Republican)
Hawaii Daniel Akaka Democratic Retired, Democratic hold Mazie Hirono (Democratic)
Linda Lingle (Republican)
Indiana Richard Lugar Republican Defeated in Primary, Democratic gain Joe Donnelly (Democratic)
Richard Mourdock (Republican)
Andrew Horning (Libertarian)
Maine Olympia Snowe Republican Retired, Independent gain Angus King (Independent)
Charlie Summers (Republican)
Cynthia Dill (Democratic)
Maryland Ben Cardin Democratic Incumbent re-elected Daniel Bongino (Republican)
Brandy Baker (Socialist)
Massachusetts Scott Brown Republican Incumbent lost re-election, Democratic gain Elizabeth Warren (Democratic)
Michigan Debbie Stabenow Democratic Incumbent re-elected Pete Hoekstra (Republican)
Scotty Boman (Libertarian)
Harley Mikkelson (Green)
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar Democratic-Farmer-Labor Incumbent re-elected Kurt Bills (Republican)
Glen R. Anderson Menze (Independence)
Mississippi Roger Wicker Republican Incumbent re-elected Albert Gore (Democratic)
Thomas Cramer (Constitution)
Shawn O'Hara (Reform)
Missouri Claire McCaskill Democratic Incumbent re-elected Todd Akin (Republican)
Jonathan Dine (Libertarian)
Montana Jon Tester Democratic Incumbent re-elected Danny Rehberg (Republican)
Dan Cox (Libertarian)
Nebraska Ben Nelson Democratic Retired, Republican gain Deb Fischer (Republican)
Bob Kerrey (Democratic)
Russell Anderson (Independent)
Nevada Dean Heller Republican Incumbent re-elected to full term Shelley Berkley (Democratic)
David Lory Van Der Beek (Independent American)
New Jersey Bob Menendez Democratic Incumbent re-elected Joseph Kyrillos (Republican)
Kenneth R. Kaplan (Libertarian)
Greg Pason (Socialist)
Ken Wolski (Green)
New Mexico Jeff Bingaman Democratic Retired, Democratic hold Martin Heinrich (Democratic)
Heather Wilson (Republican)
Jon Barrie (Independent American)
New York Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Incumbent re-elected Wendy Long (Republican)
Colia Clark (Green)
Scott Noren (Independent)
Tim Sweet (Independent-Republican)
North Dakota Kent Conrad Democratic Retired, Democratic hold Heidi Heitkamp (Democratic)
Rick Berg (Republican)
Ohio Sherrod Brown Democratic Incumbent re-elected Josh Mandel (Republican)
Pennsylvania Bob Casey, Jr. Democratic Incumbent re-elected Tom Smith (Republican)
Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse Democratic Incumbent re-elected Barry Hinckley (Republican)
Tennessee Bob Corker Republican Incumbent re-elected Mark Clayton (Democratic)
Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison Republican Retired, Republican hold Ted Cruz (Republican)
Paul Sadler (Democratic)
John Jay Myers (Libertarian)
Chris Tina Bruce (Independent)
Utah Orrin Hatch Republican Incumbent re-elected Scott Howell (Democratic)
Shaun McCausland (Constitution)
Daniel Geery (Justice)
Bill Barron (Independent)
Vermont Bernie Sanders Independent Incumbent re-elected John MacGovern (Republican)
Cris Ericson (U.S. Marijuana)
Virginia Jim Webb Democratic Retired, Democratic hold Tim Kaine (Democratic)
George Allen (Republican)
Washington Maria Cantwell Democratic Incumbent re-elected Michael Baumgartner (Republican)
West Virginia Joe Manchin Democratic Incumbent re-elected John Raese (Republican)
Wisconsin Herb Kohl Democratic Retired, Democratic hold Tammy Baldwin (Democratic)
Tommy Thompson (Republican)
Wyoming John Barrasso Republican Incumbent re-elected Tim Chesnut(Democratic)
Phil Roberts (Independent)