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U.S. Presidential Elections 2024
Juliancastro Tom Rooney KrisKobach
Nominee Joaquín Castro Tom Rooney Kris Kobach
Party Democratic Republican Libertarian
Home state Texas Florida Kansas
Running mate Kirsten Gillibrand Adam Kinzinger Tom Tancredo
Electoral vote 281 230 37
States carried 24 + DC 25 2
Percentage 47% 40% 11%

The 2024 election was the 60th quadrennial presidential election. It was between President Joaquín Castro and former Florida congressman Tom Rooney. President Castro won a plurality of the popular vote along with 375 electoral votes carrying 30 states.



Democratic NominationEdit

President Joaquín Castro (50) had an uncontested primary, easily winning his re-election bid from the Democratic Party.

Republican NominationEdit

Republican Candidates

  • Tom Rooney (53), former Representative from Florida (Nominee)
  • Adam Kinzinger (46), Governor of Illinois
  • Tom Graves (54), Senator from Georgia
  • Bobby Jindal (52), former Governor from Louisiana
  • Tom Cotton (47), Senator from Arkansas

Conservative NominationEdit

Governor Kris Kobach (58) reprised his third party run from 2020.

General Election CampaignEdit


Castro2024 predictionmap

Castro:281 Young:243 Kobach:12