Vice President Tyler Heathcote (R-CA) and Senator Josh Anderson (R-NC)


Senator Mateo Moscoso (D-OH) and Senator Terrance Carroll (D-CO)

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2048 US Presidential Election
November 3, 2048
Ot031403 Blank person
Party Republican Democratic
Percentage 83.9% 16.1%
President before election
Kevin Dragomir
Elected President
Owen Taggart
The 2048 Election was a land slide for two term Vice President Tyler Heathcote (R-CA), and President Kevin Dragomir (R-CA).

Heathcote, after winning the Republican Nomination at the RNC in his Democratic Compeditor's home state of California, continued campaigning through the end of October, when the national polls had him winning the election 79-21. He won the election 84-16. Stooksbury filled his cabinet all with Republicans from Tennessee and the surrounding Southern States. His approval rate stayed at or above 95% throughout his first term.